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Bojszowy. There was an explosion at the sewage treatment plant. The worker probably cut the bullet with an angle grinder

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A 53-year-old employee of the Communal Municipal Company in nearby Bojszowy (Silesian Voivodeship) was hospitalized after being injured by the explosion of an object resembling a projectile. According to the commander of the fire operation, the man probably cut the object with an angle grinder.

The authorities received the report at 12.23. An explosion occurred at the sewage treatment plant in Bojszowy. A 53-year-old employee of a municipal plant was transported by LPR helicopter to the hospital in Katowice.

– He suffered serious injuries – Jarosław Durkalec, a staff officer from the City Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Tychy, who led the operation, tells us.

There was an explosion, the injured man was taken to the hospital112Tychy – Tyskie Rescue Services

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He used a grinder to cut through an object resembling a projectile

He adds that the man cut the object with an angle grinder resembling a bullet.

The police are trying to figure out what it was. Although the incident took place at a wastewater treatment plant, it was not related to wastewater treatment. The explosion took place under an open-air shed, which is a kind of workshop where a sewage treatment plant worker was, the firefighter points out.

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They determine the circumstances of the event

As reported by the Polish Press Agency, young asp. Katarzyna Szewczyk from the police in Bieruń, after the incident, an investigation team from the Bieruń police headquarters began work on the spot, which is to determine the circumstances of the incident.

In the afternoon, the policemen waited for the arrival of specialists from an independent counter-terrorist unit from Katowice. determine what the cut object was that exploded.

A helicopter came for the man112Tychy – Tyskie Rescue Services

Fire Station: They’re determining if it was a bullet or shell

Senior Captain Tomasz Kostyra, the press officer of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Tychy, informs us that it is also being determined whether the bullet was cut, or maybe some fragment of the bullet with some powder left in it.

– The second thesis is more likely, because if the missile exploded, it could cause even more damage than it did. All this will be explained by specialists – says the firefighter.

Main photo source: 112Tychy – Tyskie Rescue Services

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