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Butterfly Tattoo Meanings

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Butterfly tattoo is mostly known for the beautiful nature of the butterfly. However, with different designs of the tattoo, there are different meanings. Basically, butterflies go through metamorphosis, and for this reason, these tattoos simplify change.

However, as you go for the ink color to use on your tattoo, you should consider the meaning it bears. Most people use different colors to pass different messages, and for this reason, you should understand what the color you use on your tattoo signifies. The following are butterfly tattoo meanings for different colors.

  1. Blue Butterfly

A blue butterfly tattoo is one of the most common tattoo ideas. The blue butterfly signifies a good luck charm.

Generally, a blue butterfly is associated with good luck and bliss. The reason behind this theory is that a blue butterfly is a rare animal to see in most parts of the world.

 On rare occasions when a blue butterfly is seen, it brings an amazing sight no matter its pattern because of how beautiful it is.

The beautifully blue colored wings represent innocence and a carefree spirit which is a character most people like to display to the world.

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Having your butterfly art inked in blue represents a gentle spirit, and it passes a message that you love creativity and adventure.

Some people love having blue-inked tattoo butterflies just for their stunning appearance and no hidden meanings.

To some people, a blue butterfly signifies hope and happiness or even new life beginnings.

  1. Black Butterfly

Black tattoos have tones of meaning. Mostly they are used to represent the tribal meaning of how temporary life is.  A black butterfly also shows that something bad is about to happen.

To some elderly people, a black butterfly signifies the concept of old age or the loss of a part of life that we were happy about.

A black butterfly can also signify the mark of a person we always want to remember. However, a black butterfly tattoo does not always signify the dark sides of life.

Some people get tattoos simply because they love the black color; this is not an exception when it comes to tattoos.

  1. Purple butterfly

Generally, the purple color signifies loyalty and support. For instance, if someone you love is suffering from an unnoticeable disease, you may show your support by getting a purple-inked butterfly tattoo.

Sometimes a purple butterfly is used to symbolize an issue that people won’t realize you are facing by simply looking at you. It signifies that you have the confidence and strength to continue moving despite the hard situations that you are facing.

In some other instances, a purple tattoo can be associated with royalty or higher consciousness. Some people get it when they are seeking a high spiritual connection.

The purple butterfly also signifies some divine connection or the act of being thankful for the nice things in life.

  1. White butterfly

White is a color used to represent purity, which is no different in white butterfly tattoos.

The purity represented in these cases is being pure in Jesus, which is often associated with Christianity. Christians use it to signify the purity associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  1. Yellow butterfly

In Chinese ideology, a yellow butterfly signifies joy and happiness. However, to some Irish and Scottish communities, a yellow butterfly signifies peace when it lands on someone’s vault.

 It also shows that a dead person’s soul has moved to a good place in the afterlife. Therefore, getting a yellow-inked butterfly can signify coming joy in your life.

  1. Red butterfly

A red butterfly inked on your body could signify different meanings. The major meaning of the red butterfly is the symbolization of blue funk and a sign of a good omen.

Some natives in America believe if you come across a red butterfly, good luck is coming your way. Red ink is also used to signify passion and love.

  1. Pink butterfly

Pink color represents femininity and beauty. To some extent, a pink butterfly tattoo passes some love and flirty vibes. It can also symbolize happiness in a newfound relationship and joy.

  1. Rainbow

The rainbow symbolizes the LGBTQ community; however, some people love it for its beauty.

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