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Queen Elizabeth II Dies Peacefully at 96

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If you have been browsing the internet, social media, or even playing games while taking advantage of the Thunderbolt casino bonuses, you might have seen ads that the world is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The 96-year-old monarch died peacefully on 8.09.2022.

This is truly a sad day for the world, as we have lost one of the most iconic and well-loved figures in recent history.

Early Life and Reign

Elizabeth was born on April 21, 1926, in London, England. She was the first child of Prince Albert, Duke of York (later King George VI), and his wife, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. As a young princess, Elizabeth was educated at home by tutors and had a love for horses and dogs.

In 1940, when Elizabeth was 14 years old, her father became King when her uncle Edward VIII abdicated the throne. Elizabeth’s older sister, Margaret, became second in line to the throne.

As World War II broke out later that year, both Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret moved from London to Windsor Castle for safety. During the war years, Elizabeth served as a truck driver in the Women’s Royal Army Corps. She also made regular radio broadcasts to the nation, encouraging them to keep up hope during difficult times.

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In 1947, Elizabeth married Prince Philip Mountbatten, a member of the Greek and Danish royal families. The couple has four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward.

Elizabeth became Queen in 1952 when her father died unexpectedly at the age of 56. Her coronation took place the following year and was broadcast on television for the first time ever.

During her long reign, Elizabeth has seen 15 Prime Ministers come and go in Britain, as well as numerous changes in society.

She was also the longest-reigning British monarch in history, having surpassed Queen Victoria’s record on September 9, 2015. In 2017, she became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, marking 65 years on the throne.

In recent years, she has carried out fewer official duties due to her advancing age but has continued to carry out engagements on behalf of the royal family.

How Did She Die?

After reigning for 70 years, Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully on Thursday afternoon at her Scottish estate, where she had spent much of the summer. Her family was deeply saddened by her death.

After her death announcement was made, many people gathered outside Buckingham Palace to pay their respects. The Union Jack was lowered to half-mast at Buckingham Palace and on all government buildings.

She has indeed left a great legacy behind her.

What Will Happen Now?

With the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, her son Prince Charles took the throne. He is the next in line to the throne and has been preparing for this his whole life. Charles became King on Thursday after his mother passed away, although it is believed that his coronation won’t happen until the following year.

In contrast to the memorial service for his mother seven decades ago, the future King’s coronation will be a more simplified occasion that will represent his desire for a small and modernized monarchy.

Camilla will be crowned with King Charles III after his mother stated earlier this year that she wanted to be the Queen Consort as part of her Jubilee celebrations.

What She Will Be Remembered For

Many people across the world are mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II today. She was a much-loved figurehead who dedicated her life to public service. She will be remembered for her long reign, dedication to duty, and compassion for others.

The Queen was also known for her love of animals, especially her corgis. She owned more than 30 corgis during her lifetime and was often photographed with them.

Queen Elizabeth II will be succeeded by her son, Prince Charles. He will carry out all the official state duties, but his main focus will be guiding the mourning of Her Majesty the Queen by the royal family, the country, the kingdoms, and the Commonwealth.

The Current State of Affairs

The Queen is currently laid in an oak coffin with a floral wreath on top in the ballroom of Balmoral Castle. The casket is draped in the Royal Standard for Scotland. The Balmoral estate staff can pay their last respect to the Queen until Sunday night.

A state funeral will be held for Queen Elizabeth II. The King has declared Monday, September 19, to be a day of mourning and a bank holiday, and Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the Queen’s state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11 am on that day.

It is expected to be a grand affair, with all the pomp and ceremony that such an event warrants. The funeral will be televised so that people all over the world can pay their respects.

This is a truly sad time for the world, as we have lost one of the most iconic and well-loved figures in recent history. RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

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