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Future trends in blockchain

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According to the analysis there are projects for controlling the supply chain. They optimize workflow. They are used for making payments. And also tokenizing traditional financial instruments prevail among the launched blockchain development services at Unicsoft.

In 2021, the most popular use cases for distributed ledger technology will be asset:

  • tokenization;
  • cash pooling;
  • notary data;
  • utilities;
  • international currency transfers;
  • syndicated loans;
  • workflow;
  • electronic payments;
  • electronic voting.

Three main trends in the areas of blockchain application

  • Supply chain (tracking of goods, equipment, wheelsets, etc.);
  • Electronic document flow (intracorporate, intercorporate, debt obligations – for example, factoring agreements, voting);
  • Tokenization of assets (securities, real estate).

The use of blockchain to automate interactions between companies and customers is one of the main modern trends. It’s used in digitalization. Intermediaries are excluded from the communication chain. So the final recipients can communicate directly. All typical operations are formalized using smart contracts. The latter are protected from deliberate modification and distortion of information “retroactively.

Due to strict requirements for information security, including personal data, we have less penetration of technology in industries. They work with sensitive data in terms of privacy. For example, in medicine. At the same time, thanks to a successful collaboration in the financial sector. It’s for industrial solutions and certified platforms already work. And it’s in many countries this is not yet available.

There is the combination of decentralization, transparency, immutability of information in blockchain systems. And there is the use of smart contracts based on them makes the use of blockchain popular. It’s one of the most attractive ways to automate business processes.

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The standard scenarios for the use of blockchain in the corporate industry in the framework of pilot projects were the automation of bank settlements. It distributed storage of client data. It makes control over the fulfillment of contractual obligations without the influence of the human factor.

The hype has passed, but we are seeing a gradual increase in the use of technology in the corporate environment, it will no longer be explosive. But it will continue in the future. Application in trade finance and asset exchange will probably be the most popular case for a long time. But we will also see new products. It’s in IoT, personnel management and data verification.

Four types of blockchain solutions used by companies

  1. World-class advanced industrial solutions. Such blockchain products are used by corporations in system projects.
  2. Legally clean national solutions.
  3. International infrastructure solutions. On the basis of them you can quickly build your own blockchain platform and use it for a small commission.
  4. Many private solutions.

Promising directions for the development of blockchain technologies in the aviation industry are associated with the simplification of business processes. It’s between the airline and the airport. It’s used for numerous ground handling services. These are aircraft refueling, cleaning, de-icing in winter, provision of ladders, buses, and baggage loading. The use of blockchain-based smart contracts increases the transparency of mutual settlements. It simplifies the process of reconciliation of data between the airline and the airport. It eliminates a number of manual operations and significantly speeds up the processes.

Industry Challenges

Blockchain and distributed ledgers are still a new industry. Existing companies need time to adapt to the coming changes and set priorities. The main problem is the lack of a systematic approach to development and the general level of training of engineers. The reason for this is the explosive interest in this area фку руку https://unicsoft.com/.

Advantages of blockchain for various technologies

  1. For the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technologies can be applied in order to provide a transparent and reliable environment for storing and processing data. There are communications between IoT devices in a trusted environment. And they ensure the immutability of data from device to server.
  2. For artificial intelligence, the blockchain provides security. It gives confidentiality in the exchange of data. As well as communication of various artificial intelligence algorithms. They are in a trusted environment.
  3. In wireless technologies, blockchain allows for a reduction in synchronization time between devices. And there is a decrease in energy costs for adding the same amount of data to systems.
  4. For robotics, ensure the reliability and transparency of data exchange. And there is communication between robots.

There is the combination of blockchain with other technologies. It’s used for receiving and processing data has a synergistic effect.

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