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Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Shopify Website

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Nowadays, many stores are going online.  And this is not surprising, because the world is gradually beginning to digitalize.  Accordingly, Spotify is gaining popularity.  And today we will look at why small businesses need shopify app development.

Shopify, one of the largest ecommerce platforms, has been directly affected as many small businesses have made changes to their business model and have been working on improvements and news to make the digitization process easier for these businesses.  With the goal of more companies joining the digitalization of their business.  And now we’re going to take a look at the cool tricks that prove small businesses need a Shopify Website.

1. Simplified templates

New simplified landing page templates optimized for mobile devices.  These templates are designed so that you can quickly design your online store.  Supports small and medium product catalogs.  Particular attention is paid to companies that need to quickly connect to the network in order to provide their services, such as restaurants, cafes, small shops, etc.

2. Gift cards.

They temporarily added the ability to sell “gift cards” to help merchants who can’t sell all of their products right now, while shoppers can help their favorite businesses.

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3. Tipping

Now, you can also tip small businesses that have hit the Internet.  This tip feature can also be used to make donations to charity.

4. International sale

There are also new features that benefit both international sellers and buyers:

Custom FX

Another novelty that will be available soon is the use of multiple currencies, with which you can keep the price of products stable, even when currencies fluctuate.  This means that sellers can sell in different currencies, get paid, and still show buyers a stable price.

5. New page builder.

With drag-and-drop, pre-built content and drag-and-drop structure, it allows you to easily create different sections of any page in your online store, allowing you to customize all pages without writing a line of code if you don’t need specific functionality.  This way you can easily improve your shopify custom design.

6. Subscriptions as a product

As subscriptions become more prevalent, Shopify is working to make the signup process simpler and more customizable so that third-party apps can more easily integrate into this workflow.

7. Shopify email

Shopify knows this is a very powerful tool for businesses, which is why they launched Shopify email.  They continue to work on new feature releases as well as new templates and their first set of email automation tools.

8. Free advertising on Google Shopping.

Shopify has partnered with Google to allow merchants to list their products on Google Shopping for free.  If you have products synced with this app, they will be able to appear in search results highlighted in Google Shopping without any action.

9. Facebook Stores

You now have the ability to organize a new shopping experience that will allow you to simply create an online store on Facebook and Instagram, syncing and automating everything right from Shopify.

10. Shopify Ping

This is your free chat app that allows you to communicate directly with customers and resolve any doubts, thereby improving the shopping experience.  It can be integrated with the following messaging platforms: Apple Business Chat, Facebook Messenger, and Shopify Chat.  It also has its own customer response app available for iOS and Android.


There is no better ecommerce tool.  In the end, you will decide which platform is best for your business, but in short, virtually all ecommerce tools are adapting to this new reality, betting on digitizing local businesses and promoting local commerce.


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