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Kyrgyzstan. President Sadyr Japarov signed the law on changing the national flag

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President of Kyrgyzstan Sadyr Japarov has signed a law under which the shape of the sun on the national flag will be changed. In the opinion of the head of state, the current version of the sun on the flag resembled a sunflower too closely, reported Radio Azattyk, the local affiliate of Radio Swoboda.

After the changes were made, the rays emanating from the sun shown on the flag Kyrgyzstanthey will no longer be wavy, but straight.

The president’s initiative has not been positively received in society for a long time. The inhabitants of Kyrgyzstan even started collecting signatures on a petition in which they demanded that the flag remain in its current appearance. However, the country’s parliament did not take into account the public mood and on December 20, it adopted a law providing for the correction of the shape of the sun on the flag – we read on the Radio Azattyk website.

Blogger Aftandil Zhorobekov, who publicly spoke against the initiative of the head of state, was detained by the Kyrgyz security services, reported the independent Russian television Nastoyashchee Vremya.

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Protests against changing the national flag of Kyrgyzstan in Bishkek. Photo from December 9IGOR KOVALENKO/EPA/PAP

Progressing centralization of power

Kyrgyzstan, located in Central Asia, a country created after the collapse of the USSR and inhabited by approximately 6.2 million people, was until recently considered the most democratic country in the region. Unlike neighboring post-Soviet republics, the results elections parliamentary and presidential elections, conducted in Kyrgyzstan in accordance with international standards, were not known there in advance, and power was not hereditary.

However, since Japarov became president in early 2021, authoritarian tendencies have been growing in the country. The new leader initiated changes leading to the gradual centralization of power and limiting the role of the parliament. Violations are also becoming more frequent human rights and media freedom.

Main photo source: IGOR KOVALENKO/EPA/PAP

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