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Music in casinos: impact on players

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Music in a casino is essential to complement the atmosphere. If you remember history, music was always played in the first Italian casinos. This was done so that the guests would not be bored, as well as to maintain a positive mood. Modern online casinos sites, such as newonline-casinos.co.uk are hard to imagine without music.
In addition to the soundtrack in slot machines and slots, music of different rhythm can be played in the halls of the casino. Why this happens and how the music is selected, we will consider in this article.

Music in the halls of the casino

As mentioned above, music is used to cheer up the players, as well as evoke positive emotions. Different music is played in almost every room of the casino. It significantly complements the process of the game, while not distracting from it. Many players point out that there is music even in the washrooms.
For example, in the halls and bars of casinos they use quiet and relaxing music, this is necessary so that the players already at the first visit to the institution are as comfortable as possible, and they want to come back again. In the halls equipped with slot machines, rhythmic and louder music is played. In the halls where card games are held, music may not be included at all or they may use exclusively relaxing compositions.

How does the casino select the music?

Many casinos pay special attention to musical accompaniment, so they make a selection of music in accordance with the wishes of the players. The main selection criterion is calm, positive and rhythmic music, which does not interfere with betting and choosing a game strategy.
Large casinos often entrust composers with the choice of music, in this case the melodies will be unique and associated with the process of the game. Lesser known casinos are more likely to use the top 50 popular songs on the charts.

What is music for?

In the early twentieth century, scientists discovered that music directly affects the behavior and mood of visitors. After this discovery, the choice of music became a serious process, the casino administration began to take into account the selection criteria, we will consider them:
• Uplifting mood.
Music has been proven to improve the mood of players. With the right choice of music, the hormone article (dopamine) will be produced in the players. Various studies are currently underway on the effect of music on human mood. Popular institutions are actively using the research results. With their help, online casinos can figure out what kind of music to choose in order to encourage visitors to play in newonline-casinos , make them happy and want to come back again.
• Behavior change.
Lifting your mood is not the main goal of music. Surely many players have noticed very active people in the hall who annoy and interfere with the game in every possible way. Therefore, the casino chooses music that will help correct the behavior of the players and focus their activity.
• Concentration of attention.
The music in the casino is repeated, this is necessary so that the players can concentrate their attention on the game. For example, going from calm music to more rhythmic music can distract attention. This concept has its drawback – not all players like repetitive musical compositions, it can be annoying for some.
• Ability to remember the game.
The rhythms of slot machines, which can be quickly memorized, are stored for a long time in the memory of the players. When players remember the music from slot machines, it means that they liked the game, and they will definitely want to play it again.
• Interest.
Players can get tired of even the most enjoyable music. Therefore, the casino selects melodies that are minimally tiring and develop interest in the game. One of the most prolific composers is Jerry Martin, who came up with the melody for the famous Sims game. Users could play this game for a large amount of time without losing interest.
In this case, the composer was able to create a melody that increases interest in the game and does not tire users.
• Ability to perform the same actions.
Users can get tired of any game of the same type, as a rule, our brain is not interested in performing the same task. In order to solve this problem, a soundtrack was invented, it helps to relax and concentrate on the game.

Can the music be turned off?

Even with the right choice of music, players can get tired of the same melody. Therefore, in slot machines, you can customize the musical accompaniment, for example, players can turn off background music, event sounds, or all sounds completely.
In a gaming establishment, it is impossible to completely turn off the music. Players can take headphones and a player with them in order to independently choose music according to their mood, from which they will not get tired and will be able to fully concentrate on the game. This practice has long been used in many well-known casinos.
Thus, I believe that one of the most important things in online casinos is music, because the mood and disposition of the players will depend on it. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select it.

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