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Soccer stars who are into gambling

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In recent years, gambling has become closely intertwined with soccer, as more and more soccer players play and win a lot of money in this form of entertainment. At first glance, soccer and casinos are very different things, but they have a lot in common: a sense of excitement, thrills, a test of stamina and mental toughness. Going into a gambling sites not on gamcare, a person plunges into this atmosphere and craves to win whatever it takes. Are soccer players not human beings? Consider today the most famous soccer players addicted to gambling.

World soccer and casino stars

  • Francesco Totti

Already former Italian footballer Francesco Totti is, if not the most successful player, then the most expressive. The player has never concealed his great love for the casino. He often took part in various poker tournaments, but mostly in charity events, where all his winnings from giving to the needy. Totti believes that through the casinos he strengthened such qualities as wisdom and confidence. According to the footballer, practicing card games helped him play better on the pitch as well.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo

One of the most famous soccer players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, who now plays for English Manchester United, likes to play card games, both alone with random opponents and among friends and family. The casino is a player’s way of relaxing. According to Ronaldo, he only plays for his soul, not to win. However, according to rumors, he earns quite good sums. For all time the Portuguese has won almost a million euros. Despite the fact that the player was not seen in the world tournaments, he is the face of one of the world’s largest online poker resources. So he often plays together with professionals for very large sums. And when he has free time he prefers to play with family or friends, thereby improving his skills. And if friends or family members don’t want to play a little, he often goes to a Go bananas with jackpot and for a few hours indulges in the game and relaxation.

  • Neymar

Brazilian soccer player Neymar is an idol of youth. The footballer plays in the Parisian club PSG and is one of the highest paid players in the world. Interestingly, Neymar is known not only for his performances in soccer. He leads a very busy and active life. Basically, Neymar only started gambling because it’s fun. Nevertheless, even this not-so-serious approach has helped him win a lot of money.

In addition to the fact that Neymar often wins at poker, he earned a solid sum by becoming the face of one of the largest online resources for poker games, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. Note that Neymar named his pet little dog Poker. The Brazilian even repeatedly mentioned in his interview that he would continue to make money in poker after his career was over. Whether or not this was a joke remains a mystery to many.

  • Gerard Pique

One of the most famous Spanish footballers, who plays in the Catalan Barcelona, Gerard Pique has been fond of gambling for a very long time. In this case the soccer player has an outstanding intellect, it is talking not only about his teammates and teammates, but also rivals in the casino. For the first time Pike has won a fairly large sum in 2011. Then the player managed to win about 50 thousand euros, which allowed him not only to cover his spent investments, but also to go in the plus.

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After that, Pique, having improved his skills, won more than 500 million euros. Compared with his salary of 5.8 million a year, this amount is objectively not so big. However, the Spaniard did not spend fabulous money on the game. Therefore, this makes him one of the luckiest players to play in the casino. The footballer himself was even surprised when he realized that he was pretty good at a different kind – poker. According to him, he started playing poker just to relax, but over time he immersed himself in the gambling world. Pike is a frequent participant of the World Series of Poker (WSOP), in which he often plays with his former teammate Arturo Vidal. So this soccer player can also be safely enrolled in the ranks of famous soccer players resting in the casinos.

  • Ronaldo Luis Nazarío de Lima

If we talk about who is the most gambling among footballers, we should definitely pay attention to Brazilian player Ronaldo. He ended his soccer career a long time ago. But he never stopped playing poker. In his 45 years, Ronaldo has earned more than one million.
True, Ronaldo has not yet taken honorable places in tournaments on a world scale. Only in 2015, he took 26th place in one of the poker competitions, earning 42 thousand. Nevertheless, the soccer player openly declares that he loves this kind of entertainment and when he needs to relax, he plays.


Today, gambling has conquered the whole world and most of the population of the planet. Almost everyone has run at least once roulette or played poker, because it’s so cool and exciting. Many have even gone further, and began to see it as a way to earn money, but still the bulk of people come here for recreation and relaxation, however, as the famous players. Aren’t they just like us? So it’s not surprising that celebrities also like this kind of entertainment and often come to the casino to have fun.

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