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Warsaw, Prosta next to the Norblin Factory. Suppliers turned the sidewalk into a delivery zone

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Initially, timidly, for a moment, on an emergency basis, today without embarrassment, en masse, as needed. Suppliers treat the sidewalk along the Norblin Factory on Prosta as legitimate parking spaces. Pedestrians and cyclists are having more and more problems.

This 200-meter long sidewalk on the southern side of Prosta Street is a bottleneck. The bicycle path ends at Żelazna Street, and cyclists are forced to use the sidewalk (or the bicycle path on the other side of the street). There are plenty of pedestrians, this part of Wola is an office center, a new city. The attractions of the Norblin Factory (restaurants, shops, cinema) also attract visitors. There is also a bus stop on this part.

All this does not discourage drivers who treat the sidewalk in a sensitive place as a parking lot. These are mainly suppliers who bring goods to stores or service points at the Norblin Factory. There are also construction workers. They park despite the “no stopping” sign standing just behind Żelazna Street (there is no “does not apply to the sidewalk” sign under it). Sometimes they are standing in a row, in the photo below you can count as many as four illegally parked cars.

Parking at Norblintvnwarszawa.pl

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The delivery zone in the complex is available 24 hours a day

Lidia Piekarska-Juszczyk from the Norblin Factory press office assures that there is no shortage of parking spaces for suppliers in the complex.

– Appropriate planning of the delivery zone was one of the key challenges when planning communication around the complex. That is why the Norblin Factory has a separate delivery zone at the underground parking level. The zone has eight delivery ramps, which are managed via the app. What makes our complex unique is that the delivery zone is available 24 hours a day, explains Piekarska-Juszczyk. He argues that every tenant has access to ramps and can reserve them as needed.

Piekarska-Juszczyk adds that the owner of the center does not shy away from the problem of illegal parking. – That's why we constantly talk to tenants and instruct them how to properly use the delivery space to avoid parking on the sidewalk at Prosta Street. We are also asking complex security to advise inappropriate parkers about the delivery zone. However, we have no way of enforcing the use of the delivery zone or punishing those who park incorrectly, he admits.

There will be bars, probably later this year

The capital's road engineers also notice the problem. – It definitely bothers us – says Mikołaj Pieńkos from the Municipal Roads Authority. He adds that bollards will appear along Prosta Street. – The application has been included in the group of several dozen with the highest priority, so it will probably be successful this year – he announces.

Paid parking in the city center also on weekendsTVN24

Author:Piotr Bakalarski

Main photo source: tvnwarszawa.pl

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