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abortion. Hospital in Oleśnica. Opponents of abortion make noise in front of the hospital, patients and doctors under pressure. “It’s like torture”

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There are fewer and fewer hospitals in Poland where abortions can be performed. In those few cases where the authorities did not forbid it. Because the hospital in Oleśnica is such a place – it is under pressure. Pickets, prayers and threats, as well as photos that – as doctors say – scare, but do not show the truth.

Anti-abortion activists targeted the hospital in Oleśnica. – More and more, more and more. Because, for example, it used to be an hour or two. Now, the last record was probably over eight – says Gizela Jagielska, gynecologist, deputy director of the hospital in Oleśnica. Megaphones, posters, prayers. The hospital calls the police, staff receive threats, patients are intimidated. – We try to move these patients to another part of the ward so that they do not hear it – explains Magdalena Liszewska, a gynecologist.

The hospital in Oleśnica is one of the few in Poland that implements women’s right to abortion. Women from all over the country come for help, because they were refused treatment in other hospitals. – We honor what they bring, i.e. these documents. I will not influence the patient’s decision or convince her that she should give birth to a child, because this is not my role – explains Gizela Jagielska.

On Thursday, to the sounds of demonstrators, another patient talked about ending her pregnancy. – I must admit that a moment ago I was with a patient who was going through difficult times when qualifying for further proceedings and I think that she feels the worst – emphasizes Magdalena Liszewska. – These are simply wanted pregnancies and they are very much experiencing the end of this pregnancy, and if they also have something like this under the window, it’s terrible. I treat it as if it were human torture – says Gizela Jagielska. Two men in a car circling around the hospital have a different opinion. – The purpose of abortion is not to heal the woman. The purpose of abortion is to kill a child, so it must be banned – claims Adam Brawata, Foundation Pro Right to Life.

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Lying photos

Doctors from the Oleśnica hospital, as one of the few in the country, perform safe and modern abortions in accordance with the latest WHO guidelines. – We train, we travel, we try to update our knowledge – assures Gizela Jagielska. The pictures on anti-abortion posters about the abortion process lie. – It has nothing to do with the real surgery. We explain that it does not look like what it is behind us – assures Magdalena Liszewska.

However, the translations here are useless. – Men are there to protect children. If someone here was torturing a 2-year-old child, would you call a woman to defend her? No, a man is there to defend the weaker, adds Adam Brawata. There is also someone to stand up for patients and doctors – the inhabitants of Oleśnica do it. – When they come and they go, everyone here honks. As if they are fighting them on our behalf – admits Magdalena Liszewska.

Main photo source: TVN facts

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