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Cracow. Aleksander Miszalski is the new president, Jacek Majchrowski is leaving

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An audit, a conversation with employees, obtaining financial resources – this is the plan of the new mayor of Krakow, Aleksander Miszalski, for the first months of his rule. On Tuesday, a former MP from the Civic Coalition was sworn in as president, replacing Jacek Majchrowski, who left office after almost 22 years. – I will get up, I will not shave, I go home in pajamas – said the outgoing local government official about his plans for the near future.

During a ceremonial session of the Krakow City Council, Aleksander Miszalski – until recently an MP of the Civic Coalition – took the oath on Tuesday and became the 48th president of Krakow, replacing Jacek Majchrowski, who left office after almost 22 years of uninterrupted rule.

Before being sworn in, both local government officials met at a joint press briefing. Jacek Majchrowski said that this meeting “has a farewell character”. He thanked journalists for publicizing issues related to, among others, the fight against smog and advertising chaos in the city, which he mentioned as one of his greatest successes.

Jacek Majchrowski and Aleksander MiszalskiPAP/Art Service

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Aleksander Miszalski is the new president of Krakow

The new president, Aleksander Miszalski, began by thanking the residents for voting for him, and Jacek Majchrowski for “over 20 years of service to the residents.”

– I propose a change to the people of Krakow, but a change that will be reasonable, balanced, evolutionary, and not a revolutionary change. Of course, there are areas that will need to be improved somewhere, there are new challenges, there is a lot to do. Therefore, I would like the Krakow that we will build in cooperation, dialogue, in reliable, wise conversation with all political forces, but above all with its inhabitants – said Miszalski.

The new president of Krakow, Aleksander MiszalskiPAP/Art Service

The KO politician emphasized that after the ceremonial session, he would invite representatives of all councilors' clubs for cooperation. – I hope that this term of office will be a term of peace, dialogue, cooperation, and listening to the voice of all residents. Because we know that in the second round quite a large part, almost half of the residents, voted for the opposing candidate. But I am open to cooperation, open to dialogue, he noted.

Miszalski was asked by journalists, among other things, about his plan for the first month of his government. – Talking to employees, welcoming stakeholders, obtaining financial resources that we will definitely need. It will be a month or two of discussions and conversations, without any spectacular decisions. The time for them will come somewhere from the holidays to autumn – replied the new mayor of Krakow.

Jacek Majchrowski was asked about his greatest successes. – I can name a whole list of different things. On the one hand, there are investment issues, and on the other hand, there are issues such as the fight against smog or the issue of eliminating advertising. These are completely different things. This is a hospital issue. If you look at the three city hospitals that exist, they are completely different hospitals than 20 years ago, and we do not have to be ashamed of them. We have built almost 300 sports fields, not only those near schools, he said. When asked what he was not satisfied with, he recalled the issue of two city stadiums. Majchrowski was in favor of building one stadium that would accommodate both of the largest football clubs in Krakow, but – as he explained – due to pressure from councilors, this could not be achieved, so the teams of Wisła Kraków and Cracovia play on different sides of Błonia on different facilities.

Jacek Majchrowski announces the book. “That's when I'll talk about some names.”TVN24

When asked about the plan after leaving office, Jacek Majchrowski joked that it was “very complicated”. – I'm going to do nothing. I will get up, I will not shave, I walk around the house in pajamas – laughed President Majchrowski.

Jacek Majchrowski explains the delayed investments. "It's not like calling Warsaw"

Jacek Majchrowski explains the delayed investments. “It's not like calling Warsaw” TVN24

New Left with its own club of councilors in Krakow

On April 21, Miszalski obtained over 51% in the second round of elections. support and won against councilor, entrepreneur, activist and former PO MP Łukasz Gibała, who was supported by almost 49 percent. voters.

Due to his election to the presidency, Miszalski resigned from his parliamentary mandate; it is to go to Dominik Jaśkowiec, elected from the KO lists as a councilor. Jaśkowiec's place on the council is to be taken by Bartłomiej Kocurek.

On April 7, in the local elections, the Civic Coalition, whose lists also included representatives of the New Left, gained a majority in the city council – 24 seats, of which the majority, 13, belong to women. However, three representatives of the New Left are to form a separate club, which will give KO 21 seats. As Ryszard Śmiałek, vice-voivode of Małopolska and co-chairman of the New Left in Małopolska, emphasized when announcing this decision, the New Left club will cooperate closely with the KO club and the new mayor of the city, Aleksander Miszalski. – However, the separateness of the club gives us the opportunity to contribute our own projects – noted Śmiałek.

Law and Justice received 12 seats, and Krakow for Residents of Łukasz Gibała – 7.

Composition of the Krakow City Council of the 9th term

The newly elected councilors from the KO lists are: Anna Bałdyga, Iwona Chamielec, Tomasz Daros, Bogumiła Drabik, Grażyna Fijałkowska, Joanna Hańderek, Marek Hohenauer, Dominik Jaśkowiec, Aleksandra Kot, Jakub Kosek, Bogusław Kośmider, Tomasz Leśniak, Agnieszka Łętocha, Magdalena Mazurkiewicz, Piotr Moskała, Renata Piętka, Agnieszka Pogoda-Tota, Małgorzata Potocka, Łukasz Sęk, Edyta Sikora, Grzegorz Klaudiusz Stawowy, Grzegorz Wojciech Stawowy, Alicja Szczepańska, Zbigniew Kożuch.

PiS is represented by: Michał Ciechowski, Michał Drewnicki, Mariusz Kękuś, Małgorzata Kot, Renata Kucharska, Maciej Michałowski, Agnieszka Paderewska, Włodzimierz Pietrus, Edward Porębski, Marek Sobieraj, Krzysztof Sułowski, Aleksandra Witek.

The Krakow Club for Residents will be represented by the founder of this club, Łukasz Gibała, elected as a councilor for district no. 3 (Bronowice, Zwierzyniec, Dębniki), and Eliza Dydyńska-Czesak, Łukasz Maślona, ​​Rafał Nowak, Aleksandra Owca, Michał Starobrat, Rafał Zawiślak.

People from the committee of vice-president Andrzej Kulig, supported by Jacek Majchrowski and the Polish People's Party, did not get to the city council.

Main photo source: PAP/Art Service

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