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Cracow. Police at the hospital where the doctor allegedly took fentanyl

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Two policemen and one expert entered the Stefan Żeromski Specialist Hospital in Krakow on Monday. This is related to an investigation conducted in connection with the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction. TVN24 revealed a recording showing a doctor connected to a drip while admitting patients. He allegedly took highly addictive substances.

Specialist Hospital named after Stefan Żeromski in Krakow is one of the largest medical centers in Małopolska. In a TVN24 report, journalist Mateusz Kudła revealed information about irregularities that may have occurred at the facility in connection with disappearing narcotic drugs and a doctor putting drugs into his drip while admitting patients.

The reporter obtained a recording in which one of the emergency department employees, while on duty, orders an intern to inject medicine into the drip to which he is connected. According to our informants, the ampoule contained very dangerous and highly addictive fentanyl.

“Will you go get me some ampoules?” What did the doctor on duty take?Mateusz Kudla

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Żeromski Hospital in KrakowTVN24

The police and an expert entered the hospital

The case was handled by the Krakow prosecutor's office. An investigation is underway in connection with the Drug Prevention Act. Hospital employees are called as witnesses.

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As Mateusz Kudła found out, on Monday he was taken to the hospital. Stefan Żeromski in Krakow was entered – at the request of the Krakow prosecutor's office – by two policemen and an expert. They secured paper and electronic documentation of the Hospital Emergency Department. This is related to the ongoing investigation. The information was confirmed by prosecutor Janusz Kowalski, spokesman for the District Prosecutor's Office in Kraków.

Author:Mateusz Kudła, acre/cab

Main photo source: TVN24

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