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Dąbrowa Górnicza. The death of a three-month-old baby. His drunken mother claimed she pinned him down in his sleep. She was taken into custody

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A 34-year-old woman was arrested for three months on Saturday, among other things, on charges of involuntarily causing the death of her three-month-old child. – On Thursday, the woman called the emergency number and reported that she crushed him during sleep – informs Waldemar Łubniewski from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec. At the time of the arrest, the mother was drunk.

On Thursday, around 6 p.m., a resident of Dąbrowa Górnicza called the emergency number and said that she went to bed with her three-month-old son and fell asleep. – During sleep, she accidentally crushed the baby with her body and strangled it – says prosecutor Waldemar Łubniewski in an interview with tvn24.pl.

An ambulance was dispatched to the site. It turned out that the three-month-old baby was dead. Shortly afterwards, the policemen were already in the apartment on Łączna Street.

– The woman was intoxicated. She ended up in the police detention center, where she sobered up. It was only on Saturday that she could be interrogated and charged – says the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec.

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Unofficially, we learned that the 34-year-old had almost one and a half per mille of alcohol at the time of detention.

Up to five years in prison

On Saturday around 9 a.m., the woman was charged. – She is suspected of inadvertently causing the death of a child and exposing him to a direct risk of loss of health or life, she faces up to five years in prison – prosecutor Waldemar Łubniewski informs.

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At this stage, the prosecutor does not say whether the suspect has confessed to the crime.

– The prosecutor conducting the investigation requested the court to apply the most severe preventive measure to the 34-year-old, i.e. pre-trial detention for three months. The court granted this request, the prosecutor said.

Searching for answers

The prosecutor’s office reports that evidence is being secured, on the basis of which investigators will check whether the 34-year-old presented the true circumstances of the child’s death.

– A forensic-medical autopsy of the baby’s body has been ordered. We will want to find out what the mechanism of the boy’s death was – says the spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec.

For the purposes of the investigation, a recording of the conversation was also secured, during which the woman informs about the tragedy.

– We will use every possible evidence to determine what directly preceded the death of a three-month-old boy – announces Waldemar Łubniewski.

“She was in an alcoholic”

Prosecutors also interviewed witnesses who told investigators that the 34-year-old suspect had had problems with alcohol for a long time.

– We will investigate under what circumstances the woman used alcohol and what happened to her child at that time. For now, we have information that the 34-year-old was in an alcoholic state at the time of the incident and it is possible that she drank alone, the prosecutor said.

She adds that the suspect has two older children who are currently under the care of foster families.

– The suspect only took care of her youngest child – concludes Waldemar Łubniewski.

The tragedy took place on Łączna Street in Dąbrowa Górnicza

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