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Friday, December 8, 2023

Dry and hot in Poland. July looks similar to June. Blog synoptyk tvnmeteo.pl Arlety Unton-Pyziołek

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The lack of rainfall and high temperatures are taking their toll on nature. What may please vacationers, is not conducive to nature. The vegetation dries out, because if “something” falls, the moisture evaporates quickly and does not irrigate the soil. As the synoptic tvnmeteo.pl Arleta Unton-Pyziołek notes in her blog, there are many indications that the situation in this respect will not improve by the end of the month.

The fact that we are going for the temperature record this year is trumpeted by all the media in the world. Loudly about the fires in Greece, with a temperature close to 50 degrees in Sicily. But even without it, you can see that things are going wrong. Lime trees are dying in my garden. In the center of Poland, these gentle trees, which give good shelter in the summer heat to everyone – as the poet Jan Kochanowski once did – turn yellow and faint.

Guest, sit under my leaf and rest! The sun will not reach you here, I promise you, Though it will soar the highest, and simple rays Will draw scattered shadows under their trees. Here the cold winds always blow from the field, Here nightingales, here starlings graciously complain.

Even the leaves of hazel in the Bolimów Forest and wild raspberries turn brown, unable to cope with the climate straight from Spain.

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The course of temperature for 2023 against the multi-year averageUniversity of Maine

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Drying linden in the garden synoptic tvnmeteo.plArleta Unton-Pyziołek

June and July should be rainy

June and July are the months in Poland usually characterized by the highest sums of rainfall, emerging waves of storm and torrential rainfall, called midsummer or European monsoon. And just as in India a weak monsoon or its absence brings hunger, drought and a lot of misfortune, so in Europe a lack of rain at this time is a fire hazard and crop failure. In Poland, the influx of cooler polar masses from the west from the Atlantic Ocean has now stopped the procession of tropical air masses. But still, despite the current moderate temperature, you can feel the drought. The rain that falls in central Poland moistens only the top layer of the soil and, quickly evaporating, returns to the atmosphere.

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Steaming after the rainTomasz Wasilewski

Warmer than usual. Data from Friday, July 21, 2023climatereanalyzer.org

Temperature deviation from the norm in plus from Greece to Lesser Polandclimatereanalyzer.com

June dried up mercilessly

June has been mercilessly dry for the last 30 years. If you look at what has happened to temperature and precipitation since 1990, when the acceleration of global warming began, it shows. how the average monthly temperature increased – by 1-2 degrees C. Meanwhile, the average rainfall is falling in the west and in the center of the country … The decrease itself is not significant, but the increase in the frequency of point precipitation, thunderstorms, is worth noting, while there is less continuous rainfall, these carpet raids of rain lows. Only in the south, in the mountains, rainfall is still good. Not only that – they start to exceed 200 liters of water per square meter in a month.

Deviation of the average temperature in June 2023 from 1990 in plusclimatereanalyzer.com

Precipitation deviation in June 2023 in minus from 1990climatereanalyzer.com

July looks similar to June

Analyzes for July 2023 will probably look similar to those for June. The month will be very warm and, unfortunately, much drier compared to the long-term average. So far, only 79 l/sq m has fallen on Kasprowy Wierch, while the average for the last 20 years is about 200 l/sq m. IN Lublin 35 l/sq m fell on the fields there, while it is usually just over 80 l/sq m. So far, 18 l/sq m has fallen on the fields of the fertile Wrocław Lowland, while in July it falls on average over 90 l/sq m.

July hasn’t said its last word yet, but it has little time to make up for lost rain. My trees in the center of Poland probably won’t get a solid hydration.

Drying linden in the garden synoptic tvnmeteo.plArleta Unton-Pyziołek

In the light of the forecasts of the global GFS model, we can expect a large dose of rain by the end of the month in Pomerania as well as in Podkarpacie, Lubelszczyzna and Małopolska, where high in the mountains even 100 l/sq m will be possible. rain. It is very possible that the precipitation standard for the mountains will be reached, but the center of Poland is unfortunately a dry spot on the map.

Lime in July with rain…

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Accumulated rainfall forecast until July 31 according to GFS/wetter3.deGFS/wetter3.de

Author:Arleta Unton-Pyziołek

Main photo source: Arleta Unton-Pyziołek/GFS/wetter3.de

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