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ducklings. Fire in the old locomotive depot. Chemicals burn

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29 fire brigades took part in the firefighting operation in Kaczyce near Cieszyn. The fire covered half of the building on the site of the former mine. – There was a fire of chemicals – said the PSP duty officer in Cieszyn. The village headman called for the windows to be closed. After 5 p.m., the fire was under control and the fire was extinguished. We got the first information, photos and videos on Kontakt 24.

According to the duty officer of the State Fire Service in Cieszyn, a chemical fire broke out on Saturday in the old locomotive depot located in the former coal mine Morcinek in Kaczyce in the municipality of Zebrzydowice.

“Residents, close the windows, do not inhale these fumes” – the mayor of Kaczyc, Marcin Stryczek, appealed on social media.

Sołtys: This chemical waste has already been on fire several times

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– There have been abandoned, hazardous, chemical waste for decades, which has already been set on fire several times. Prosecution proceedings are pending regarding this landfill, but the judiciary is ineffective. It’s an ecological bomb. Kaczyce is close to the Polish-Czech border, the Olza River flows in the vicinity. The water poured on the fire from the fire will probably leak into the river. 15 kilometers from Kaczyce is Cieszyn. Poisonous smoke is coming to the city – says Marcin Stryczek in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The mayor informed that a chemical fire brigade unit is on site and the prosecutor is also to appear.

They called in a crisis team

According to Sylwia Pieczonka, spokeswoman for the District Office in Cieszyn, a crisis team was appointed in connection with the situation and the threat. The Cieszyn starost Mieczysław Szczurek, the Silesian vice-voivode Jan Chrząszcz, the Cieszyn fire chief Michał Pokrzywa, the mayors of Zebrzydowice Andrzej Kądziołka and Hażlacha Grzegorz Sikorski, the mayor of Cieszyn Gabriela Staszkiewicz, representatives of the Provincial Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

Pieczonka, on behalf of the starost, also appealed to the residents to close the windows, stay away from the place and do not enter the area. As she reported, the fire is probably chemicals that may be dangerous to humans and the environment.

– The headquarters decided that we would not send RCB alerts to residents. Detection tests were carried out on air contamination in the Zebrzydowice commune, at a closer and further distance from the fire, and they did not show any dangerous substances in the air. That’s why we decided not to spread panic – Pieczonka told us

The staff only warned residents who have respiratory problems not to leave their homes due to the smoke.

– Several minutes after the start of the staff, the firefighters managed to reach the source of the fire and give foam – says Pieczonka.

What was on fire is still unknown as the land has changed hands since the chemical waste was allowed to be stored there. According to Pieczonka, the municipality of Zebrzydowice is responsible for the supervision of this waste. – There were two landfills, the poviat was responsible for one, but it was already cleaned up three years ago – added the spokeswoman.

Pieczonka believes that it was the first such a large fire in the former locomotive depot. Investigators will explain why. As the spokeswoman says, it will not be easy, because the building is located in the forest, there are no monitoring cameras.

Half of the building was on fire

The services received a report after 10. – It is not known what is inside, what chemical substances. Half of the building is on fire – said Dawid Macura, deputy press officer of the State Fire Service in Cieszyn, around 1 p.m. Around 3 p.m., he reported that the fire was still there, but not spreading to the other half of the building.

Firefighters do not know what was burning in the locomotive depot. “Our fire department’s measuring instruments did not detect any hazardous substances in the air,” Macura assured.

There is no information about injured persons. The building was abandoned.

We received the material on Kontakt 24.

Chemical fire in Kaczyce (Silesia)We received the material on Kontakt 24.mbt/ Contact 24

We received the material on Kontakt 24.

Fire in Kaczyce (Silesia)We received the material on Kontakt 24.And/ Contact 24

ducklings. Fire in the old locomotive depot, chemicals were burning

There were 29 fire brigades on site, including volunteer units from Bielsko-Biała. Dawid Macura at approx. 17 reported that the fire is under control, the fire is being extinguished.

According to Sylwia Pieczonka, about 1,500 square meters of the hall were covered by flames. The smoke was visible, among others, in the neighboring village of Pogwizdów.

– Our windows are closed, I don’t feel anything outside yet, but the smoke is flying a bit more to the south, it’s windy, I don’t smell it – a resident of Pogwizdów, Ms. Renata, told us.

Fire in Kaczyce, view from the neighboring PogwizdówRenata Flaszyńska

We received the first information, photos and videos on Contact 24.

Main photo source: Contact 24/Kristian

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