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Elon Musk vs. Rafał Trzaskowski. The billionaire stabbed the mayor of Warsaw

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At the beginning of May Rafał Trzaskowski signed an order whose purpose is to counteracting discrimination in the Warsaw City Hall due to age, gender, orientation or nationality.

This means that there will be many changes in the capital's offices – administration employees, among others: they will not be allowed to display religious symbols; is also obliged to respect them rights of people in same-sex relationships and addressing interested parties in the way they wish.

Elon Musk attacks Rafał Trzaskowski for the order. “How embarrassing”

One of the X platform users posted: screenshots of a certain English portalwho decided to describe the idea of ​​the ruler of the Polish capital.

On the screenshots we see a fragment of the article, and its content reads: “Apart from limiting freedom religious statements, the mayor also took steps to strengthening rights LGBTQ people in the city, and officials are now obliged to respect the choice preferred pronouns by the person they are dealing with.”

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The entry gained great popularity online, and one of the commenters turned out to be the American billionaire and owner of the social networking site X Elon Musk.

According to the businessman, the PO vice-president and his officials, by introducing the regulations described on the English-language website, “they shamelessly copy stupid things from America.” “How embarrassing” – added the billionaire.

Rafał Trzaskowski's order. Changes in the Warsaw City Hall

As we wrote in Interia, there are more changes proposed by Rafał Trzaskowski. Instead of “mentally ill” office workers will speak “a person in mental health crisis”. They are also welcome feminatives and impersonal forms. So that those employed in the municipal administration can properly familiarize themselves with the planned regulations special training.

Explaining his decision, the president Warsaw he argued last Thursday on his social media that “Everyone has the right to their faith (or lack thereof). Also officials. And everyone who comes to the office to settle their business, has the right to feel like he is in a neutral office. Simply“. In his entry, he also recalled the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, according to which:The Republic of Poland “is a secular state, neutral in matters of religion and belief.”

The PO politician also emphasized that “no one intends to fight against any religion in Warsaw”. The capital is also supposed to cultivate its tradition, “hence the religious elements, even during celebration of the anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

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