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European Parliament elections 2024. How many committees will fight in the European elections? When are the list numbers drawn?

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On Thursday, May 2 at 16, the deadline for submitting lists of candidates for MEPs has passed. How many electoral committees will present their lists? When will the list numbers be drawn? Who can become an MEP? We explain.

District electoral commissions accepted applications for lists of electoral committees until 16. These committees have three days to examine the correctness of the applications, including verification of signatures of support. Information about the lists of candidates in elections to the EP are regularly updated on the website NECbut their final number will be known only in the coming days.

How many committees will issue lists?

According to data posted on the National Electoral Commission website at 17 showed that In the European Parliament elections, 8 out of 40 registered electoral committees will present their lists.

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Committee representatives KO, PIS, Third Way, Left and the Confederation in recent days presented their candidates for MEPs and announced that they would issue lists in all constituencies. KW Polexit, KW Polska Liberalna Strajk Przedsiębiorców and KWW Bezpartyjni Samorządowcy-Normalna Polska w Normalnej Europa also intend to put forward candidates. District electoral commissions have not yet completed the process of registering the lists of these committees.

When are the list numbers drawn?

The drawing of list numbers will take place on May 10 at 12. First, the numbers of committees that have registered lists in all 13 constituencies will be drawn. Then, the list numbers of committees that have registered lists in more than one constituency will be drawn.

The electoral committee may submit only one list of candidates in a constituency. The number of candidates on the list cannot be less than 5 and more than 10. The Electoral Code also introduced an obligation for electoral committees to include at least 35% of candidates on their lists. women and at least 35 percent men. The list of candidates must be supported by the signatures of at least 10,000. voters.

Pursuant to the Electoral Code, a committee that submitted lists in at least 7 electoral districts (each supported by 10,000 signatures of voters permanently residing in a given district) could submit lists in the remaining districts without the need to attach signatures to them.

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Who can become an MEP?

Members of the European Parliament are elected for five years. According to the Polish electoral system, a person who has the right to vote, who turns 21 on the day of voting at the latest and who has permanently resided in Poland or another EU country for five years, can run for the European Parliament. A candidate for MEP may be nominated only in one constituency and only from one list of candidates for MEPs.

In turn, adult Polish citizens, as well as EU citizens who permanently reside in Poland, can vote.

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The mandate of a Member of the European Parliament cannot be combined with the mandate of a Member of the Sejm or a Senator. An MEP cannot be a member of the Council of Ministers or a secretary of state at the same time. He cannot also hold a position or perform functions that cannot be combined with holding the mandate of a member of the Sejm or a senator, i.e. with the function of: president of the NBP, president NIKthe Ombudsman, the Ombudsman for Children and their deputies, a member of the Monetary Policy Council, a member National Broadcasting Councilambassador and with employment in the Chancellery of the Sejm, the Chancellery of the Senate, the Chancellery of the President or with employment in government administration (does not apply to members of the Council of Ministers and secretaries of state in government administration).

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Judges, prosecutors, civil servants, police officers and state security services also cannot hold a mandate in the European Parliament.

This year's European elections will be held in various EU countries on June 6-9. In Poland, 53 members of the European Parliament will be elected on June 9.

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