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Ewa Ewart: I hope that the characters of this film will inspire other people to act

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Ewa Ewart, TVN24 journalist and documentary filmmaker, was awarded the Prince Rainier III during a gala at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. She received the award for her documentary “To the last drop”, which tells the story of one of the greatest threats to human civilization, which is the growing crisis of fresh water shortage. In the morning conversation on TVN24, she shared her impressions of the gala and how the documentary was created.

Ewa Ewart received the award during a solemn ceremony at the Grimaldi Forum. The Special Prize was created by Prince Albert II of Monaco in honor of Prince Rainier III, the founder of the festival. It is awarded to the best documentary film addressing environmental issues.

The official selection is carried out by the Prince Albert II Foundation. Special Award Winner Prince Rainier III is chosen by the festival’s honorary president, Prince Albert II.

Ewa Ewart is a guest of TVN24

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Ewa Ewart was the guest of the morning on TVN24. As she said, the documentary “To the last drop” was appreciated mainly because of its clear and obvious message.

– This is a film that on the one hand has a dark message, but at the same time there is a lot of charge and a dose of optimism. This was what I cared about. I hope that this film, and above all its characters, will inspire people on an organic level. They are not decision makers or politicians passing laws that are harmful. This video shows the grassroots work of the people who live with these rivers and understand their problems. They roll up their sleeves and act – admitted Ewa Ewart.

Ewa Ewart with a special award at the Monte Carlo Television Festival for the documentary “To the Last Drop”TVN24

She added that the heroes of this film are extremely inspiring characters. “I’m hoping some critical mass will follow them, that there will be a turning point where people realize that there is no point in relying on decision makers because their actions are limited to the here and now,” Ewart said.

The heroes are the key

The author wanted, above all, not to hit the viewer with only negative information. – It is enough to show, to realize that we have causative power. There are so many wonderful people who act – added the journalist and pointed out that she tries to look for such heroes in her films to tell an important topic through their stories.

– A good character with whom the viewer will identify will defend the most missionary theme, which may not be thrilling, but it needs to be told. The viewer identifies not so much with the subject as with the character. Focusing, building and finding a positive hero is a certain act of provocation against this whole idle and unreflective mass – she admitted.

Ewart: I realized I was holding an absolutely priceless document in my hand

Ewart: I realized I was holding an absolutely priceless document in my handTVN24

When asked about how she selects the characters for her productions, the author of the documentary was unable to give a clear answer. “There’s a lot of painstaking work behind it.” These are hours spent on research. I usually reach for a lot of sources, very different sources. I always talk to other people around a given topic, I ask questions. It is also a matter of practice – said Ewa Ewart.

Documentary “To the last drop”

“To the last drop” is about one of the greatest threats to human civilization, which is the growing crisis of fresh water shortage. Rivers-heroines of the film are m.in. Measles, Sarno we ItalyVjosa v Albania or Magpie w Canada.

The documentary reveals the global costs and consequences of destroying nature “in the name of progress”. It is a story about helplessness and desperation, but also about determination and hope. It tells not only about rivers, but also about people who try to save rivers and make people aware of why the problem is so important.

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“To the Last Drop” was filmed in Canada, the NetherlandsItaly Switzerland, Albania and Poland. Their authors are Mateusz Kruszelnicki and Wiktor Strumiłło (drone). The co-producer is TVN24.

Main photo source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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