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Full Moon – February 2023. Snow Moon in the sky. You showed how beautiful it was

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February’s Full Moon is traditionally known as the Snow Moon. Thanks to good weather conditions, we were able to admire it in many regions of the country during the last nights. At Kontakt 24 you showed that you are not afraid of frost and snow to admire this beautiful phenomenon.

Last nights – due to more clear sky, but also frost – conducive to observing the full Snow Moon. And although its maximum was on Sunday at 19.30, the Silver Globe can still be admired in all its glory.

Snow Moon. Why such a name?

The tradition of naming the full moon is a Native American custom that lived hundreds of years ago. They observed nature and based on its changes or characteristic phenomena occurring in a given month, they chose a name for the full moon. Where did the Snow Moon come from? It simply refers to the snow that usually covered the ground at this time of year.

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Some North American tribes called February’s full moon the Hunger Moon because of food shortages and difficult hunting conditions. They believed that the arrival of this phase awakened nature and that they would soon have fresh food.

On Contact 24 we received photos of the Snowy Full Moon.

And this is how the full moon looked over the top of Les Jumelles in southern Switzerland:

A full moon over Les Jumelles peak in the Savoy Prealps in southern Switzerland PAP/EPA/ANTHONY ANEX

Main photo source: G_Truchanowicz/Contact 24

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