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Germany. Greta Thunberg detained at protest over demolition of Luetzerath village where coal mine is to be built

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Greta Thunberg was detained along with other climate activists who protested against the demolition of the German village of Luetzerath and the construction of a coal mine there. Thousands of people demonstrated on Saturday.

Climate activists have been occupying the western part for weeks German the village of Luetzerath, which RWE wants to raze to the ground and build a coal mine in its place. Thousands of people attended Saturday’s demonstration. Stones and mud were thrown at the police. “They also fly firecrackers” – reported the portal of the “Bild” daily. Due to the fact that the access to Luetzerath was blocked by the services, the demonstration took place in the neighboring town of Keyenberg.

Demonstration in Keyenberg against the demolition of the village of LuetzerathPAP/EPA/RONALD WITTEK

Among the protesters was a Swedish climate activist Greta Thunbergwho criticized the German Greens for supporting the demolition of the village of Luetzerath. She said corporations like RWE should be held accountable for the way they treat people.

Greta Thunberg at a protest in LuetzerathPAP/EPA/RONALD WITTEK

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Greta Thunberg among detained activists

Thunberg joined the demonstrators on Tuesday as well. Activists protested in Jackerath, at the Garzweiler mine, about nine kilometers from Luetzerath.

Garzweiler Mine 2. A shot of Google Maps shows the June 2019 protest

Activist protest in JackerathReuters

According to the police, Thunberg was among a group of activists who began dangerously approaching the edge of the mine. “We intend to use force to bring you to an identity check, so we ask for your cooperation,” the police warned.

A spokesman for the Aachen police confirmed that Thunberg was among those arrested. He added that she was taken “from the place of danger” so that the police could identify her.

Greta ThunbergRoberto Pfeil/dpa/PAP

The Swedish woman was seen sitting alone in a police car.

Greta Thunberg detained at protest in JackerathReuters

Main photo source: Roberto Pfeil/dpa/PAP

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