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Germany. More and more young people support the right wing. New survey

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According to the “Jugend in Deutschland 2024” study, more and more young people in Germany declares support for the right-wing nationalist party Alternative for Germany (AfD).

22 proc. Germans aged 14 to 29 would vote for the AfD, if the Bundestag elections occurred now. This is more than twice as many as two years ago. In 2022, 9 percent chose the AfD, and in the next year – 12 percent.

Second place with 20 proc. The Christian Democratic Union took the lead in the poll. The next places were taken by the Greens (18 proc.), Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD – 12 proc.), FDP (8 proc.)Left (7 proc.), the left-wing Sahra Wagenknecht Alliance (BSW – 5 proc.) i “inne part” (7 proc.).

25 percent of respondents answered “I don't know”, and 10 percent said they would not go to the polls, writes the portal of the daily “Tagesspiegel”.

Germany. Where do young Germans get their knowledge about politics?

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As political news channels, 57 percent respondents consider social media. News websites and television programs come second (38%). Over 58 percent respondents supporting AfD uses TikTok regularly.

The survey also asked young people what worries them. Most people said they were concerned about inflation (65%), followed by peace in Europe and the Middle East (60%), and social divisions and climate change (49% each).

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