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Holidays 2024. These destinations enjoy “consistently high interest”

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The most popular holiday destinations are Egypt, Tunisia, Croatia, Spain and Italy – said Katarzyna Turosieńska from the Polish Chamber of Tourism on TVN24. She emphasized that “our compatriots increasingly enjoy sightseeing” and “they no longer want to just passively lie on the beach.”

– Holidays with a full family, let's say five people, is quite a lot of money if we want to fly abroad and have all-inclusive flights, all meals and attractions for children. If we also want to go outside the accommodation facility, these are optional trips with an additional fee. Here, in such a high season, we have to expect from about PLN 3,000 for adults – explained Turosieńska.

She added that “of course, the prices for children are lower here.”

– If we are traveling with a group of friends, we also have completely different options, because our expectations are probably a bit lower – she explained.

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Holidays 2024 – most popular destinations

Which directions are most popular?

– When it comes to traveling abroad, Egypt, Tunisia, Croatia, Spain and Italy are still very popular. These are Poles' favorite destinations, said Turosieńska.

All inclusive and more

She pointed out that “travel agencies specialize in various types of trips” and “they are not just the so-called all-inclusive, where we have everything already taken care of and planned and we can go to the beach as much as we want.”

– More and more often, our compatriots enjoy sightseeing. They no longer want to just lie passively on the beach, but also want to explore interesting nooks and crannies of the country they are in, the expert emphasized.

She added that “if we report such a desire or need to the travel agency, we will of course be 'taken care of' and 'some interesting places to visit will be selected for us, both for adults and families with small children.”

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