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Increased police activity across the country 17.02.23

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On Friday, police officers will carry out intensified activities under the name “Unprotected road users” – announced Superintendent Robert Opas from the Road Traffic Office of the General Police Headquarters. Officers are to pay special attention to the behavior of drivers towards pedestrians and cyclists.

Superintendent Robert Opas informed that “in the course of the action, information and educational projects will be carried out, under which police officers will remind road users about the need to know and comply with traffic law and to maintain proper relations between vehicle drivers, cyclists and pedestrians”.

Increased police checks

As part of Friday’s action, officers will check the safety of pedestrians, drivers of bicycles, electric scooters and personal transport devices and other traffic aids. Officers are to pay special attention to the behavior of drivers towards pedestrians and cyclists. – Especially within marked pedestrian crossings, but also the behavior of pedestrians themselves. Supervision will also cover particularly dangerous places, including crossings on busy roads or crossings where unprotected road users were hit in the past, stressed Opas.

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– Pedestrians, cyclists, as well as people on scooters or rollerblades are not protected by active or passive safety systems and, compared to other road users, are most exposed to the effects road accidents – he gave.

According to police statistics, pedestrians still constitute a significant proportion of road accident victims. – Many of these accidents are caused by irresponsible and careless behavior of drivers towards unprotected road users – noted the superintendent.

– So far this year, 28 fewer fatalities have been recorded in road accidents involving pedestrians than in the corresponding period of 2022. However, there were 731 accidents and this is 53 more events. Most of them – 461 were at pedestrian crossings – said Robert Opas.

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