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Jacek Sasin about Daniel Obajtek's recordings: In a conversation with me, he questioned their credibility. I want to believe it

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People are shaken by various emotions. Even if it is true, I have no particular grudge against it, said Jacek Sasin, a PiS politician and former minister of state assets. He commented in this way on Daniel Obajtek's tapes, in which the former president of Orlen said that Sasin needed to be “f***ed up”. – President Obajtek questioned the credibility of these recordings. I want to believe it, added the PiS politician.

The guest of “Rozmowa Piaseckiego” on TVN24 was Jacek Sasin, PiS MP and former Minister of State Assets. He was asked about the leaked recordings of Daniel Obajtek, in which the former president of Orlen said, among other things, that “you have to do something to f**k up” Sasin.

– President Obajtek questioned – also in a conversation with me – the credibility of these recordings. I want to believe it. Let me put it this way – I want to believe it – said the TVN24 guest.

When asked whether he believed or “wanted to believe”, he replied: – I believe in God, and I want to believe in what people say.

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He argued that “this is nothing extraordinary.” – People are shaken by various emotions, especially when they cooperate with each other in a difficult area, in difficult, often crisis moments. These different emotions manifest themselves in different ways, he said.

– Even if what the editor quoted is true, I have no particular grudge about it – added Sasin.

Sasin: I received a note regarding Samer A. I cannot reveal its contents

The prosecutor's office is investigating the case of Orlen's daughter company – Orlen Trading Switzerland (OTS), which allegedly lost over PLN 1.5 billion paid as advances to contractors who did not complete deliveries. The Onet portal wrote that the former president of OTS, Samer A. from Lebanon, is suspected of contacts with the terrorist organization Hezbollah.

As Sasin said, the special services have repeatedly sent various types of notes regarding various events in Orlen. – Each time I acted the same, within the competences I had, i.e. I commissioned the company's governing bodies, the management board and the supervisory board to analyze this case and provide me with information on whether these allegations or comments were actually appropriate – he commented.

He said that he also received such a note from the services in the case of Samer A. He specified that it happened after he became the president of Orlen's daughter company.

When asked what information was included in the note from the services, he replied: – It is a document that was marked with a classified clause. I cannot reveal what was in the notation I received.

– I received such a signal and I acted as required by law (…), i.e. I actually ordered the company's bodies to analyze these matters. (…) No minister of state assets has the competence to personally change the presidents with his decision, Sasin noted.

When asked if he asked Daniel Obajtek who Samer A. was, he confirmed. – From what I remember, I actually asked. And I received an answer indicating the professionalism, competences and contacts of this man – said the PiS politician.

Main photo source: TVN24

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