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Japan. They will block the view of Mount Fuji

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The view of Mount Fuji will be blocked. This decision was made by the authorities of the city of Fujikawaguchiko in response to the behavior of tourists who make life difficult for residents.

Rising above the Japanese island of Honshu, Mount Fuji is one of the most recognizable places in the Land of the Rising Sun. Every year, it is photographed by tens of thousands of tourists who, in pursuit of an interesting shot, do not always remember about the people who live in the shadow of Mount Fuji every day.

On the road and on the roof

The authorities of the city of Fujikawaguchiko, located directly next to the peak, announced that a barrier would be built in the city to block the view of Fuji. The black, dense net, 2.5 meters high and 20 meters long, will begin to be created next week. It is intended to block one of the most popular panoramas in the city – the view of the Lawson chain store, which many tourists associate with Japan, with Mount Fuji in the background.

Officials said tourists, mostly from outside Japan, were crowding the narrow sidewalk next to the store, making it difficult for residents to use it and blocking the road. In addition, some climbed on the roof of nearby buildings to compose a better shot. Despite information boards and repeated warnings, the practice continued, which forced the Fujikawaguchiko authorities to make this decision.

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– It's sad that we have to do this because of those tourists who can't follow the rules – said the official.

Troublesome tourism

This is another action against badly behaving tourists that was carried out in Japan this year. In one of Kyoto's historic districts, walking on private alleys used by residents has been banned since April. People complained that tourists had problems with entering their own homes. In addition, this summer, tourists using the most popular climbing route to Mount Fuji will have to pay a fee of $13 per person, and the number of visitors will be limited to reduce crowding.

This year may prove to be record-breaking in terms of the number of foreign tourists in Japan. In March, the monthly number of foreigners visiting the country exceeded 3 million for the first time in history.

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Main photo source: AmateurEnthusiast / Shutterstock.com

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