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Jaskowice. Teo lost his parents in a car accident. The success of the collection for his further treatment

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Two million zlotys have already been collected for further treatment of three-month-old Teosia, whose parents died near Krakow in a car accident. This is the entire amount needed to carry out a series of surgeries, thanks to which the boy will be able to walk normally. However, the collection is still ongoing. – I did not expect such sensitivity, such a heart. Thank you very much – the boy’s aunt told the TVN24 reporter.

Three-month-old Teoś and his two-year-old sister Emilka lost their parents in a car accident in Jaśkowice near Krakow. The tragedy happened on Wednesday, January 4. The children’s 38-year-old father died on the spot, and the 35-year-old mother a day later in the hospital. The boy riding with them was not seriously injured. From the beginning of his life, however, he suffers from a congenital defect of the left leg – fibular hemimelia. “No fibula, and in addition Teoś has a deformed foot, three toes and no metatarsal bones” – we read in the description collections for the boy’s treatment and rehabilitation.

A couple died in the accidentKraków112 – Krakow Rescue in Lens

After the media informed about the death of Teoś’s parents, the collection for his treatment was supported by thousands of people. A series of operations that he needs to be able to walk normally in the future, and even run, is expected to cost about two million zlotys. The amount was collected around noon on Monday. At 2:30 p.m., the counter showed two million and 70,000. Nearly 40,000 people donated funds.

Fatal accident near KrakowKraków112 – Krakow Rescue in Lens

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Accident in JaśkowiceKraków112 – Krakow Rescue in Lens

Six-month-old Teo lost his parents in an accident, he needs a series of operations

After the tragedy, Teoś and Emilka were taken care of by their uncle and aunt. TVN24 reporter Mateusz Pół Chłopek talked to them about the boy’s treatment. – Our hero’s leg lacks primarily the fibula. Several metatarsal bones and several toes are also missing. The stem is shorter and generally unusable. It can be saved, but it is a long-term process – informed Mr. Tomasz, the boy’s uncle. He added that the treatment Teoś is to undergo is to extend the existing bones and rehabilitate the leg.

Aunt Teosia informed that the boy would most likely be treated in one of the Polish clinics. – We are very encouraged by this action, which was carried out in such a way that today we are in a completely different reality. Within a few days, we managed to collect over two million zlotys, for which we would like to thank everyone (…). I did not expect such sensitivity, such a heart (…). Thank you very much, she added.

“Emilcia thinks mom and dad will be back soon”

Our reporter asked the children’s guardians how Teoś and Emilka deal with the loss of their parents. “These are very young children who are unaware of what has happened. They don’t know that their parents don’t exist. Emilcia thinks that mum and dad will be back soon. She walks around the rooms, searches, remembers: there is no mom, there is no “tati” – admitted the children’s aunt. She added that their grandparents help in caring for the children.

The fundraiser to help the boy is on the siepomaga.pl website and is still active, and in the social media of the Positive Association – under whose care Teoś is – there are auctions, the profits of which will be used for treatment.

Main photo source: Kraków112 – Krakow Rescue in Lens

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