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Joan’s case. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration defends the intervention of the police. Opposition comments

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The police who want to save someone by making them undress, crouch and cough are police who have absolutely no idea what they are doing. Or even worse, the officers know exactly what they are doing and they know that they want to humiliate and intimidate someone – judged KO MP Barbara Nowacka, referring to the intervention of the police against Mrs. Joanna, as well as to the words of the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration in this matter.

In recent days, there has been a discussion about the case of Joanna, who decided to take an abortion pill because the pregnancy was supposed to threaten her health. She felt bad both physically and mentally. She informed her doctor about it. In the Krakow hospital, she was interrogated and searched by the police. The officers took her laptop and phone. The case was presented by “Fakty” TVN.

SEE THE MATERIAL OF “FACTS” TVN: Joanna took the abortion pill. The police came to the hospital, took her laptop and phone

The court, examining the complaint about taking the phone and ordering its return, reminded the policemen that Ms. Joanna was not a suspect, nor was she even considered to be charged.

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Jarosław Szymczyk, the chief of the police, presented recordings at the conference on Thursday, which recorded a call to the emergency number by Joanna’s doctor and the receipt of a report in this case by the police. When asked by TVN24 about the actions taken by the police in the hospital, Szymczyk replied that “this is a normal procedure for people who we suspect want to take their own lives.”

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“Today I just made sure that the police were hunting me for an abortion. I never said my mood was about abortion. I made it over a week before calling the doctor – Joanna commented on the press conference of the police.


The prosecutor’s office received notifications about the possibility of committing a crime by police officers who intervened against Joanna in the hospital. One was directed by KO MP Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, the other by Joanna’s attorney.

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Kamiński: attacks on our officers from Krakow did not spoil our holiday

The Minister of the Interior and Administration referred to the case of Joanna and the actions of the officers in an interview for government television on Monday Mariusz Kaminski.

– This was the only intention of the Krakow policemen. They acted in full conviction that they were saving the life of a person in a dramatic life situation who wanted to commit suicide, he said.

– It was not their guesses, it was knowledge from the doctor, the doctor who was in charge of this person, who knew her health condition perfectly over a long period of time, it was this doctor who called the police – “save my patient’s life.” And what in return? Some terrible manipulation, some political game, inflaming emotions based on manipulated facts – added Kamiński.

He said it happened on the eve of the police holiday. – But these attacks on our officers from Krakow did not spoil this holiday for us and with great dignity the chief of police repulsed these attacks, presented real facts, not insinuations, slander and an attempt to create such an unpleasant social atmosphere – he continued.

Questions about the intervention of the police against Joanna. Mariusz Kamiński’s words and comments from the oppositionTVN24

Nowacka: The police is headed by a guy who plays with a grenade launcher and bears no consequences for it

Member of the Civic Coalition Barbara Nowacka (Initiative Poland) assessed in an interview with TVN24 reporter Agata Adamek that “the police who want to save someone from suicide by ordering them to undress, crouch and cough, are the police who do not know what they are doing.”

– Or even worse, they know exactly what they are doing and they know that they want to humiliate and intimidate someone. If they save people from suicide in such a way that they humiliate a person in crisis, then let them really start shooting grenade launchers and cutting confetti, but this is very unfair to those officers who have been there for a long time, are well trained and have empathy, she said.

– The police is headed by a guy who plays with a grenade launcher and does not face any consequences. What does this mean for services? It means that you can do anything to please the authorities. The authorities get a catfish for the word abortion, so the police, as soon as they hear it, decide that they can humiliate a woman. Why maybe? Because after the women’s protests, there were no consequences for policemen who abused force, abused power and abused violence, Nowacka said.

Morawska-Stanecka Fr "disgrace" the police

Morawska-Stanecka about the “embarrassment” of the policeTVN24

Morawska-Stanecka about the “embarrassment” of the police

– It was not enough to compromise by persecuting the opposition, peering on the boom through the window to the apartment where the Flying Brigade of the Opposition was located. It wasn’t enough, so we’re moving on – commented the Deputy Speaker of the Senate Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka (Democratic Left Circle).

– If anyone still has doubts and has not thought about going to the elections in October, then the case of Mrs. Joanna should dispel these doubts. We are supposed to go to the elections and chase them, just chase them – she assessed.

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