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Mateusz Morawiecki on the cover of a Hungarian weekly, relations with Viktor Orban. Robert Biedroń: how much can you support Putin?

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Viktor Orban is Vladimir Putin's Trojan horse in the European Union. And Mateusz Morawiecki – I'm sorry to say this – but he behaves like a “useful idiot” – said Robert Biedroń, co-chairman of the New Left and an MEP, in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24. He referred to the relationship between the former Polish Prime Minister and the head of the Hungarian government. The politician also said that Andrzej Duda will not choose a Polish commissioner in the European Union after the elections on June 9, because these powers rest with the government.

Former Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki appeared on the cover of the pro-Russian Hungarian weekly “Mandiner” and also gave him an interview. Posters showing the cover of the latest issue of the weekly appeared in various places in Budapest. It bears the former Polish Prime Minister and the caption: “Brussels is a threat to European democracy.”

Morawiecki on the cover of a Hungarian weekly. Tusk's entry

Earlier, Morawiecki took part in the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) conference of right-wing circles in Budapest. During his speech, the former Polish Prime Minister called Viktor Orban his “friend” and Budapest “the city of freedom of speech.”

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For years, the European Commission has been drawing Hungary's attention to serious violations, including: in the area of ​​the rule of law and media freedom.

Biedroń: How much can you support Putin?

The relationship between Morawiecki and Viktor Orban was commented on in “Kropka nad i” on TVN24 by Robert Biedroń, MEP and co-chairman of the New Left.

– Orban is Putin's Trojan horse in the European Union, we all know that. And Morawiecki – I'm sorry to say this – but he behaves like a “useful idiot” – said the MEP. Earlier, the term “useful idiot” appeared in a post by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who also commented on Morawiecki's attitude.

– I have the impression that Morawiecki is obsessed with Brussels. I hear him attack Brussels more often, and I rarely hear him attack Putin and Russia. This is really crazy. How much can you support Putin in this rhetoric? This is irresponsible and unworthy of a statesman, Biedroń continued.

Biedroń: Kaczyński did not realize his greatest dream

The MEP was also asked about Jarosław Kaczyński's attitude towards the Hungarian leader. He stated that “Kaczyński fell in love with Orban with political love.” – He has his eyes on Orban because Jarosław Kaczyński wanted to create a second Budapest for us. It was his big dream that he failed. Thanks to free media, thanks to the resistance of democratic society, Kaczyński did not realize his greatest dream. And his biggest dream was to do what Orban did in Hungary, he continued.

According to Biedroń, it is “heartwarming” for Kaczyński when Morawiecki “talks all this nonsense about the European Union.” – And that's why I tolerate it – he added.

Biedroń: Kaczyński and Duda will not appoint the commissioner

The “Kropka nad i” guest also referred to the words of President Andrzej Duda regarding a potential candidate for EU commissioner in the new European Commission, which will be formed after the elections to the European Parliament. The president said that he “believes that, together with the government, we will be able to select people who will represent us with dignity, who will be, above all, objective and excellently prepared to conduct European affairs, of course taking into account Polish interests.”

Biedroń said that the president “is unreliable” and that he is “trying to blackmail the government” in these matters. – As for the commissioner, the president knows well that he has no competence to do so – he added.

In response to the presenter's comment that in July 2023, during the PiS government, the a law regarding greater powers of the president in EU policyBiedroń replied: – I believe that this law on competences should be ignored because it is unconstitutional. The government's competence is to conduct foreign policy and appoint a commissioner. This happens in every Member State. And it will not be Kaczyński and Duda who will appoint the commissioner, but the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland.

The MEP pointed out that the commissioner must also be accepted by the European Parliament, there are so-called hearings. – I would like to remind you that Mr. (Janusz, EU Commissioner for Agriculture – ed.) Wojciechowski was not accepted by the European Parliament the first time. so that President Andrzej Duda would try to force his candidate, and not the one presented by the government, I immediately declare that the majority of the European Parliament will definitely not support such a candidate and he will simply be rejected in the first hearing and there will be a wait for the government's candidate – Biedroń continued.

Biedroń: Kaczyński and Duda will not appoint the EU commissionerTVN24

Main photo source: OLIVIER MATTHYS/PAP/EPA.

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