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Nasielsk Commune. With nearly four per mille, he tried to ride a bicycle

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He was close to four per mille and rode his bike, barely keeping his head. Now he will appear in court. He is threatened with a high fine, up to PLN 30,000.

A district officer from the police station in Nasielsk, during a patrol, noticed a man riding a bicycle on Szafirowa Street in Stare Pieścirogi. He couldn’t keep his balance. The 58-year-old was completely drunk, he “blown” as much as 3.8 per mille. Now he is waiting for a visit to the court, where a request for punishment has been filed.

On the same day, around 3 p.m., a district officer from Nasielsk stopped another cyclist for inspection. He also couldn’t keep his balance and moved with the proverbial “snake”. The 29-year-old was drunk, he had 2.68 per mille of alcohol in his exhaled air. He was fined PLN 2,500.

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High fine or even higher fine

– According to the new tariff, applicable from January 1, 2022, a cyclist who is stopped for control while intoxicated (above 0.5 per mille of alcohol) will be fined PLN 2.5 thousand or a request for punishment – ​​she reminded subcomm. Joanna Wielocha from the Nowy Dwór police. – Intoxicated drivers and cyclists pose a threat not only to themselves, but also to other road users. Let us remember that drunk drivers and cyclists in confrontation with properly moving road users can be the cause of tragic road accidents – she added.

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Riding a bicycle after drinking alcohol (0.2-0.5 per mille) is punishable by a fine of PLN 1,000, and under the influence (over 0.5 per mille) from PLN 2.5 thousand. If during the inspection, the police officer finds a threat to road safety, he can refer the case to court. And there, the fine can be up to PLN 30,000. In extreme cases, you may even be imprisoned.

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