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Parliamentary elections 2023. The Supreme Court dismissed the complaints of two electoral committees

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The Supreme Court dismissed the first complaints of election committees against the resolutions of the National Electoral Commission. The resolutions refused to accept notifications on the establishment of committees. The Supreme Court ruled that the complaints lacked attachments with a thousand signatures of citizens who supported the creation of two committees.

As determined by the Polish Press Agency, Supreme Court resolved the complaints of the Electoral Committee of Royal Cities Electors and the Electoral Committee of Electors of the Royal Senate. These complaints were settled by three-person panels of the Chamber of Extraordinary Control and Public Affairs.

In these cases National Electoral Commission refused to accept the notification of the establishment of the applicant election committees. The PKW justified its decisions by not attaching to the notification a list of at least 1,000 citizens’ signatures. The plenipotentiaries of these committees lodged complaints against the decisions of the PKW to the Supreme Court, filing, inter alia, for their repeal and acceptance of notifications on the establishment of electoral committees.

The Chamber of Extraordinary Control dismissed the complaints

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The Extraordinary Control Chamber, while dismissing these complaints, emphasized that – in accordance with the Electoral Code – “the notification on the establishment of an election committee intending to nominate candidates for senators is accompanied by a list of at least 1,000 citizens who support the creation of an election committee of voters (…) This list must be include their names, surnames, addresses of residence, PESEL registration numbers and the date of granting the support, as well as handwritten signatures of citizens.

According to the information obtained by PAP, the Supreme Court has not received any more complaints against the PKW’s refusal to accept notifications on the establishment of committees or registration of lists. Pursuant to the regulations, the committees have two days from the publication of the PKW resolution to submit a relevant complaint. The Supreme Court also has two days to consider them.

As the president of the Extraordinary Control Chamber of the Supreme Court, Joanna Lemańska, recently explained in an interview with PAP, each such case is examined by a three-member panel of this Chamber. They are immediately registered, a panel of judges is appointed, and a copy of the complaint is delivered to the NEC for the purpose of taking a position immediately, on the same day. Judges examining complaints can familiarize themselves with the digitized materials within literally 30 minutes of submitting a complaint in the logbook.

On Wednesday, the deadline for electoral committees to submit lists of candidates for deputies and candidates for senators passed. In turn, the deadline for submitting to the PKW a notification on the establishment of an election committee in elections parliamentary meetings ended last Monday.

Main photo source: TVN24

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