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Piaseczno. At the self-service checkout, he weighed the candy as a carrot

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In one of the large stores in Piaseczno, a man took various types of candy from the shelf. At the self-service checkout, he weighed the sweets as… a carrot. And although the amount for which the 32-year-old defrauded the store is small, the punishment for the crime may be much more severe. The man faces up to eight years in prison.

The officer on duty at the Piaseczno police station received information that a perpetrator of a crime had been arrested in one of the stores in Piaseczno. A local patrol was sent to the site. According to store employees, the man took various products from the shelves. His basket also contained a bag with various types of candies and it was these that became the subject of the crime.

The candies would cost him over PLN 30

– After collecting all the items, the 32-year-old went to the self-service checkout and wanted to pay for the goods himself. He unhurriedly filled the products one by one. He left himself a bag of candy at the end. The problem is that he didn't choose sweets on the screen, but… vegetables, and instead of paying for sweets, which would have cost him over PLN 30, he paid for a carrot – explained Magdalena Gąsowska, a spokeswoman for the Piaseczno police.

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The man was apparently unaware that his actions were being closely watched by surveillance cameras and a security guard.

– Pursuant to applicable regulations, the action demonstrated by the 32-year-old is treated as fraud, and the value of losses is of no significance here. The man faces from six months to eight years in prison, the spokeswoman emphasized. And she concluded: – The case presented above is a living confirmation of the old proverb that “the cunning lose twice.”

The proceedings in this case are supervised by the District Prosecutor's Office in Piaseczno.

Main photo source: Police in Piaseczno

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