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PV photovoltaic installations on blocks. Bud about the program

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PLN 67 million went to housing communities and cooperatives for the construction of photovoltaic installations on multi-family buildings, said Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology, during a press conference. He added that the full support pool is EUR 100 million.

According to Minister Buda at the press conference on Saturday, 2.4 thousand applications have been submitted under the program so far. applications for support for photovoltaics on blocks, of which 1,256 were approved. This means that over 1.2 thousand. of the installation is either under construction or is already operating – noted Buda.

Thus, he added, of this type RES already used by approx. 87 thousand. flats. The value of investments, in which government support may reach 50%, has already amounted to PLN 154.7 million – emphasized the head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Tourism.

Buda about photovoltaic installations on blocks

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Buda reminded that the entire support pool for this type of installations is EUR 100 million and is provided for in the National Reconstruction Plan, but for the time being it is pre-financed by the Polish Development Fund.

– Interest in the program and its success are gigantic. There will be plenty of money, we encourage you to apply for support, appealed the minister.

He pointed out that ultimately, photovoltaic installations in blocks will use the tenant prosumer mechanism, i.e. the entire surplus of energy is settled with the seller, and the money from its sale is returned to the community account and can be used for other purposes.

The Minister of Development pointed out that the amendment to the RES Act introducing the institution of the tenant prosumer is waiting for the president’s signature, and depending on when Andrzej Duda signs the bill, the provisions will come into force on October 1 or November 1. Until these regulations come into force, existing installations operate on the same terms as individual, prosumer photovoltaic sources.

In the opinion of Waldemar Buda, “we are observing a revolution in the field of PV installations in blocks of flats, such as happened in the case of single-family houses a few years ago”. In his opinion, the support proposed by the government was sufficient to stimulate the market, and the dynamics of development of this type of installations will be comparable to the dynamics of development of individual sources.

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