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Pyrzyce. Farmers' protest on S3. Difficulties and detours

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Farmers blocked the almost 50-kilometer section of S3 between Gryfino and Myślibórz at the Pyrzyce junction (West Pomeranian Voivodeship) for 12 hours. The road will be impassable on Thursday in both directions until 10 p.m.

After the decisions of the mayor of Myślibórz and two court instances, on April 19, farmers had to end the blockade of the S3 road at the Myślibórz junction. According to the protesting farmers, the previous location of the assembly – at the Myślibórz junction – generated the least possible traffic disruptions, but after the court's decision, they had to cancel the blockade.

On Thursday, April 25, at 10 a.m., farmers started a warning protest at the Pyrzyce junction, preventing the passage of an approximately 50-kilometer fragment of the S3 route between Gryfino and Myślibórz. They received permission to block the road from the mayor of the Kozielice commune, which is valid until the end of June. Farmers returned with the same demands regarding the European Union's agricultural policy and the Green Deal.

As the protesting farmers emphasize, for the good of drivers, the blockade will last only 12 hours. All services, emergency vehicles, oversized transports and medics are to be allowed through.

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“This is the only form in which we try to force those in power to act”

Adam Walterowicz, head of regional agricultural circles, pointed out that blocking the roads is the only possible solution that can draw the attention of the authorities and force them to act.

– Instead, should we go out, flag our farms and wave to passersby that we are dying? Oh no. We are trying to force those in power to think about the current situation. We apologize to all road users for making their journeys difficult, but please call the Prime Minister and ministers with your complaints, he said.

Farmer: Please call the Prime Minister and ministers with complaints about the road blockageTVN24

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In a statement sent by protesting farmers, we can read that “for over a month, the Prime Minister has not undertaken any specific actions or dialogue with farmers, but in the name of helping Ukraine, he is calling on farmers to end the protests without providing solutions.”

“Farmers all over Poland see that the aim is to end the protests not by solving the problems, but by eliminating the meetings! Farmers have not had specific information about the government's actions since the beginning of the protests. They learn about subsequent meetings or activities from the media or after making dozens of phone calls .Enough of collecting demands and useless conversations! It's time to finally get to work, because there are no results yet! – we read.

How to bypass roadblocks?

Currently, car traffic between the Myślibórz and Gardno junctions is directed through Pyrzyce and roads no. 121 and 119.

A section of S3 at the Pyrzyce junction is to be blocked until 10 p.m.TVN24

The warning protest is scheduled to end at 10 p.m.

Main photo source: TVN24

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