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Rudy Giuliani faces financial problems. There are 11 proceedings against him

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Two decades ago, it was a symbol of political success and an effective fight against crime. Now he is facing prison. Rudy Giuliani gained popularity and recognition as mayor of New York City. In recent years, he has been one of the leading figures in Donald Trump’s entourage. For what he did while helping the former president, he faces very serious consequences.

20 years ago he was called the mayor of America. The world admired him for raising New York from the ashes after the September 11 attacks. – He became one of the most beloved people on earth. One study found that he was more popular than the pope. He founded a consulting company that earned $100 million in 5 years. He became incredibly rich. He bought six houses. I talked about this period with his ex-wife. She said they were carelessly throwing money down the drain, says Andrew Kirtzman, a journalist who wrote a biography of Rudy Giuliani.

That popularity aroused his presidential ambitions, but in 2008, the Republicans put John McCain. His political career slowed down. A few years later, Rudy Giuliani understood that although he had no chance of winning the White House alone, he could find himself in the center of events again – he was one of the first to support Donald Trump’s candidacy.

I’ll give him good advice. Donald has been my friend for 28 years. All the work I ever did for him was based on my loyalty and sincere friendship. I already know he’s going to be a great president. I’m happy to play a small role in this,” Giuliani said in November 2016.

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Alongside Trump

Giuliani became an adviser to Trump and later joined his legal team. In public, he always defended him and attacked his enemies. Without hesitation, he repeated that Trump won in 2020 and that the election was rigged.

– If you count the legal votes cast, Trump won in Wisconsin and by a large margin. In Pennsylvania, if you count the legally cast votes, Trump won by 300,000, argued the former mayor of New York in November 2020.

During the press conference where he defended Trump, few listened to Giuliani’s arguments. Hair dye was dripping down his temples. However, this conference was only an image disaster. Serious problems followed. A New York court has suspended Giuliani’s law license. Civil lawsuits and, more recently, criminal charges have been pouring in over an attempt to reverse an election in Georgia.

“Only one man told Trump to the very end that he had won. That man was Rudy Giuliani. No wonder Trump put him in charge of an effort to reverse the election. Giuliani was with Trump when he turned off the lights in the White House behind him, being the last by his side, says Kirtzman.

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Former mayor’s problems

CNN reporters counted a total of 11 lawsuits against Giuliani. Court costs are already in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and he also has bills to pay from the law firms that represent him in these cases. Therefore, in the spring, Giuliani was to ask Donald Trump to settle the debt.

As reported by CNN, “in late April, Giuliani flew to Florida, where he spoke with Trump twice about his seven-figure lawyer fees. He argued that it was in Trump’s interest to pay the bills. interests”.

So Giuliani put up for sale his apartment in Manhattan, where he had lived for several decades. The price is 6 and a half million dollars. He makes money by recording personalized wishes on request. One message costs PLN 1,300.

The American media note that in order to avoid a ruthless prison sentence, Giuliani, cornered and deprived of his livelihood, may start to cooperate with the prosecutor’s office and start giving extensive testimonies.

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