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SFD recalls batches of creatine. Announcement. Company shares down

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SFD, which runs nutritional supplement stores, reported a “quality defect” in one of the batches of creatine produced by one of the external suppliers. As a result, some products have been withdrawn from the offer and customers who have already purchased them are asked to return them. The company’s shares are falling significantly during Friday trading on NewConnect.

“In recent days, we have received a signal about a possible quality defect in one of the batches of creatine produced on our behalf by one of the external suppliers,” SFD announced in a message posted on its website.

The company assures that it has taken immediate explanatory actions. Among other things, the following were checked: quality certificates presented by the creatine supplier, which were to certify that the raw material had been tested and was free “from any defects”.

However, tests carried out by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station showed that “several batches of our creatines exceeded the limits for heavy metals (mercury) permitted for dietary supplements.” SFD reported that the reason for the contamination was the manufacturer’s use of a defective raw material, creatine monohydrate.

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“The raw material turned out to be defective, even though it had a certificate confirming that the substance was of full value and uncontaminated,” the release stated.

Batches of creatine withdrawn from the market

SFD reported that the batches of products indicated by the Sanitary Inspectorate were “immediately” withdrawn from sale and are no longer available in stores.

“At the same time, we are taking action to withdraw products from the market – We kindly ask all customers who have our creatines at home to check the product name, batch number and expiration date” – transferred.

The following product batches are covered by the recall:

Batches of creatine withdrawn from the marketSFD

“If you have a product listed in the table above, please return it to the place of purchase or any SFD stationary store (without having to show the receipt). You will receive a refund for your purchase,” the manufacturer informs. Additionally, a special hotline has been launched for customers. Consumers can call 77 544 60 96 between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.

Preventive recall of products tested in laboratories

SFD announced that it immediately suspended cooperation with the supplier until the matter was fully resolved.

In addition, a decision was made to “immediately withdraw from the market not only products that do not meet the standards, but also to voluntarily, preventively suspend the sale of all products in the creatine category (from this and other producers), samples of which are currently being tested in accredited laboratories.”

The company also announced that an “urgent decision has been made to review and strengthen the audit procedures of our suppliers, and to double the budget allocated to independent quality tests of our products. As part of permanent cooperation with an independent laboratory, we will conduct these tests to a greater extent and make their results publicly available.” on websites”.

SFD quotesStooq.pl

On Friday, the share price of SFD, which is listed on NewConnect, drops sharply. Around 4.30 p.m., one share had to pay PLN 3.05 (a decrease of over 6% compared to Thursday’s closing). At the beginning of the listing, however, the decline was much greater, and the price reached PLN 2.55 per share.

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