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Shumsk. Brutal murder. The prosecutor’s office provides new information, psychiatrists examine

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A 27-year-old suspected of murdering his 45-year-old sister, a resident of Szumsko (Masovian Voivodeship), with particular cruelty, has already been examined by psychiatrists. The District Prosecutor’s Office in Mława is waiting for a written opinion.

The murder of a 45-year-old woman, a widow and mother of two children, took place on November 14 in her house in Szumsko near Mława. According to the findings of the investigation initiated after the incident, the background was supposed to be “family issues.” The perpetrator, using two knives, inflicted many injuries on the victim and cut off his head.

As Marcin Bagiński, the district prosecutor in Mława, announced on Thursday, the examination of the 27-year-old suspect in this case, who was temporarily arrested after his arrest, took place in recent days at the Provincial Psychiatric Treatment Complex in Olsztyn (Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship). – We are currently waiting for a written opinion from expert psychiatrists regarding the suspect’s mental health – he noted.

Questions about psychiatric treatment

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The head of the Mława District Prosecutor’s Office added that information from the National Health Fund, which was requested as part of the investigation, is also expected, regarding whether the 27-year-old is or was previously registered at any mental health clinic in Poland.

As prosecutor Bagiński explained, other expert opinions will also be important evidence in the investigation, including biological – in the field of DNA testing and fingerprint testing, as well as the results of the suspect’s tests for the possible content of alcohol and narcotics in his body – according to the police, at the time of his arrest the 27-year-old was sober, but to finally confirm this and verify whether he was not under the influence of other substances at that time, blood was taken from him.

Appointment of a representative for the daughters

The District Prosecutor in Mława said on Thursday that in the ongoing investigation, a request was made to appoint a representative for the minor victims, two daughters aged 9 and 16 of the killed 45-year-old woman, and the request in this case was sent to the family court competent for their current place of residence. stay – it was previously reported that after the mother’s murder, her two children were taken care of by the victim’s closest family members.

– The position of the representative of the injured minors will determine whether the ongoing investigation will include an additional act against the suspect – admitted prosecutor Bagiński. He also noted that at the current stage of the proceedings he cannot reveal what the charge may be. He only added that this is not a comparable act to the main one, i.e. the crime charged earlier against the 27-year-old.

– However, for the sake of transparency of the case and in accordance with the fact that criminal proceedings are guided by the principle of legalism, this act must also be resolved during the investigation – explained the head of the Mława district prosecutor’s office.

Detention of a 27-year-old manPolice in Mława

He explained the crime by “family issues”

Back in November, prosecutor Bagiński informedthat the preliminary results of the autopsy performed at that time on the 45-year-old woman’s body showed that she had suffered numerous stab wounds around the neck and chest, and the direct cause of death was damage to large blood vessels in the neck.

After committing the crime, the victim’s 27-year-old brother went in her car towards Olsztyn, where he was detained by police officers during an organized raid on the same day in the evening. Then, as part of the initiated investigation, he was charged with murder with particular cruelty – the man confessed to the act and provided explanations. He was remanded in custody by the court for three months.

The district prosecutor in Mława said that the motive for the crime was related to “family disputes” from several years ago.

Recorded for drug possession

Due to the fact that the 27-year-old was driving a car during the escape, after his arrest by the police, he was also charged with driving a motor vehicle, despite the ban imposed by the court and the decision of the staroste of Mława to withdraw his driving license. It also turned out that he had been convicted of drug possession in the past.

Pursuant to the Penal Code, anyone who kills a person with particular cruelty is subject to the penalty of deprivation of liberty for a term of not less than 15 years or life imprisonment. This offense is classified as a crime.

Main photo source: Police in Mława

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