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Siedlce. He believed in the investment offer in Polish companies. Scammers withdrew PLN 120,000 from his account

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A resident of the Siedlce poviat lost over PLN 120,000 after being tempted by the advertisement “investments in Polish companies”. The offer was supposed to be safe and guarantee high profits. The scammers instructed the 51-year-old to install an application on his phone, thanks to which they later had access to his bank account. They were disbursing their savings in front of his eyes.

As described by the Siedlce police, colorful advertisements for “investments in Polish companies” on a social networking site, which “screamed” slogans about quick and high profits, encouraged a resident of the district to invest his money. At first, he left his details in the application form and waited for contact.

The “advisor” instructed him to install the application on his phone

– After some time, the man received a phone call from an “investment fund representative” who assigned him an advisor who would guide him through the entire process of “getting rich.” To start the investment, the 51-year-old had to install a remote desktop application on his phone and pay almost PLN 900. Then he received a link to “his stock exchange account”, where he could see the profits generated for him – described Deputy Commissioner Ewelina Radomyska, spokeswoman for the Siedlce police.

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She added that after a relatively short period of investing, the 51-year-old received information that he was to withdraw all the money and the cryptocurrency. The profit generated for him was to be paid out in September. – In order for this to happen, it was necessary to “link” accounts – stock exchange accounts with bank accounts. He was therefore instructed to log into his bank account, which he did. And that was the biggest mistake,’ the policewoman continued. And she added: – Instead of profit, fraudsters paid out the savings accumulated on his account practically in front of his eyes. By installing a remote desktop application and logging in to electronic banking, the injured party gave the fraudsters a whole range of possibilities to use his account and phone.

They took over PLN 120,000 from his account

Transactions were made via instant transfers, text messages with authorization were sent to his phone, and then they were quickly deleted by the fraudsters. – Without his consent, they took over PLN 120,000 from the account – summed up the spokeswoman.

The police warns against such offers and stipulates that quick profit does not exist.

Scammers’ methods

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