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Szczecin. Gacek the cat at the vet. She needs to lose weight. An urban star in a temporary home

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Gacek, the most famous cat in Szczecin, disappeared from his territory at ul. Kashubian. The sudden disappearance of the quadruped caused a great commotion on the Internet. After 6 days, his circumstances were clarified by the local Animal Welfare Society. The animal went to a temporary home and for a veterinary review. The diagnosis leaves no illusions: the tomcat needs to lose 4-5 kilograms.

The inconspicuous, corpulent cat Gacek is currently the most famous symbol and attraction of Szczecin. She has her own Instagram profile, hundreds of followers and excellent reviews in Google reviews. It enjoys great popularity both among the inhabitants and tourists from Poland and abroad, who willingly visit and photograph it.

The city’s four-legged ambassador is a free-living animal and until last Wednesday he lived in a wooden booth at Kaszubska Street. With his disappearance, the Internet was in an uproar. There have been many rumors and conspiracy theories about this.

Szczecin. Gacek the cat at the vet

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The truth came out on Monday. The animal was caught by the inspectors of the Society for the Care of Animals, an organization formally responsible for the medical care of the tomcat. As it turned out, they had been planning to capture Gack for a long time, but it was not that easy, because catching the quadruped had to be coordinated with the date at the vet and a free place in the temporary home.

“There have been a lot of daily applications and cats in need, in a much worse condition than Gacek” – explains TOZ.

Gacek is resting in a temporary homeTOZ Szczecin

The specter of slimming hung over Gacek the cat

The cat has already undergone comprehensive examinations at the TOZ clinic. Although the results of the blood tests were flawless, Gacek is already old, and the associated problem with his teeth and joint pain. He has already received medication for it and a merciless diagnosis: he needs to lose 4-5 kilograms.

As it turns out, the animal found itself well within four walls. He turned out to be a brushing enthusiast.

“In our temporary home, Gacek has been functioning very well since the first day. You can even say that he rests as if he was on vacation” – emphasizes TOZ.

Will and when will Gacek return to the streets of Szczecin? This is not yet known.

Main photo source: TVN24

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