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Tatras. The end of the ski season is approaching. One route will be open longer

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The end of the ski season in the Tatras is coming. As the authorities of the Tatra National Park announced in a communication, on May 8, almost the entire area of ​​the park will be closed to skiers. The exception is the trail to Rysy, which will be available for high-mountain skiers until May 21.

May weekend is the last call to put on skis in the Tatra Mountains and enjoy the approaching winter – in mountain conditions – aura. The end of the ski season in the Tatras is approaching.

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The end of the ski season in the Tatras

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On May 8, 2023, the area of ​​the Tatra National Park (TPN) will be closed to all forms of skiing. As emphasized in the communiqué of the TPN authorities, this applies to both ski tourism as well as extreme and downhill skiing.

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Ski stations located in the higher parts of the mountains are open during the picnic. The ones located below are already closed due to spring weather conditions. Some closed already in March – for example in Polana Szymoszkowa in Zakopane.

Conditions in the Tatras. May 2023

As the authorities of the TPN emphasize, in the higher parts of the Tatras, during the picnic, snow still pleases ski touring skiers. This does not mean, however, that it is completely safe – it is because of the second degree of avalanche danger that applies in these mountains at the beginning of May.

“The forecasted rainfall will negatively affect the stability of the snow cover, especially in the lower parts of the Tatra Mountains. Fresh (slight) deposits should be expected above 1900 m above sea level. Generally, the snow cover is heavily soaked, which makes it difficult to move. In very steep terrain, avalanches from heavy wet snow,” reads the avalanche message of the Tatra Volunteer Rescue Service.

According to forecasts, the avalanche “two” is also expected to continue on Sunday.

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The nature is coming back to life

However, spring means not only melting snow and the end of the ski season, but also the awakening of the Tatra nature. “In May, in the zone of mountain pastures and dwarf mountain pine, in places free of snow, gray redpolls, redpolls, blackbirds and black grouse, i.e. species that require special protection, breed. In May, females of many animal species give birth to young. In the period preceding childbirth, they carefully search for safe places where no one disturbs them. Animals after winter, especially a prolonged one, are very weakened” – naturalists warn.

Employees of the Tatra National Park point out that it is for this reason that they must be provided with peace and protection in the Tatras.

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