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The fast career of judge Agnieszka Wioletta Brygidyr-Dorosz. She sentenced activist Justyna Wydrzyńska and was promoted to the Court of Appeal

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Judge Agnieszka Brygidyr-Dorosz on Tuesday sentenced activist Justyna Wydrzyńska for helping to terminate her pregnancy for eight months of restriction of freedom in the form of 30 hours of unpaid community service. On Wednesday, during the trial of the “king of boosters”, Jan S. announced that on March 14, by order of Minister Ziobro, she was delegated to the Court of Appeal in Warsaw – said attorney Antoni Kania-Sieniawski, the defender of the accused in this trial, who requests the exclusion of the judge for fear that he she sentences in line with the expectations of the authorities.

Judge Agnieszka Brygidyr-Dorosz’s career gained momentum under the rule of Law and Justice. Even in 2015, when she was a prosecutor, when she applied for the position of a district court judge, her application received 23 votes “for” and 38 “against” – therefore the National Council of the Judiciary did not recommend her to the president for nomination.

The situation of the judge changed when the votes of politicians came to the fore PIS the new National Council of the Judiciary. Despite the opposition of the assembly of judges of the court of appeal, the politicized National Council of the Judiciary passed a resolution to appoint her to the position of a judge – she currently works at the District Court in Warsaw Praga.

Justyna Wydrzyńska was sentenced for helping a woman who wanted to have an abortionTVN24

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Sentence on Tuesday, promotion on Wednesday

Judge Brygidyr-Dorosz on Tuesday, March 14, sentenced Justyna Wydrzyńska, an activist of the Abortion Dream Team, for helping to terminate a pregnancy for eight months of restriction of freedom, i.e. performing unpaid work for 30 hours a month.

The next day, during the trial of the “king of legal highs” Jan S. – a case regarding the trade in legal highs, in which Brygidyr-Dorosz is ruling – she stated that she had been delegated to the Court of Appeal in Warsaw.

Attorney Antoni Kania-Sieniawski, Jan S.’s defender, requests that the judge be excluded from this trial for fear that the judge appointed by the new National Council of the Judiciary is implementing the sentences in line with the expectations of the authorities.

– As a defender of Jan S., I filed a motion to exclude Judge Agnieszka Brygidyr-Dobrosz from adjudicating in this case. The reason for submitting such a request was, among others, the appointment of the judge by the “neo-KRS”, her fast career and many other reasons – explains Kania-Sieniawski. – While justifying this request, the judge made a statement that on March 14, by order of Minister Ziobro, she was delegated to the Court of Appeal in Warsaw – he added.

We have asked the Ministry of Justice for a comment on this matter. We are waiting for answer.

The weekly “Polityka” was the first to inform about the promotion of Brygidyr-Dobrosz.

The trial of Justyna Wydrzyńska

In 2020, Justyna Wydrzyńska provided abortion pills to a woman who asked for help and signaled that she was in a violent relationship. The woman already had one child, was pregnant with her second child, and her partner prevented her from going abroad to have an abortion. In the end, she did not use the pills because the police, called by her partner, took them.

According to Wydrzyńska, her trial was political. He points out that representatives of the conservative and Catholic Institute took part in the proceedings Ordo Iuris.

– I know what authority the judge used to judge in my trial, I know how the prosecutor’s office is controlled and what happened during this trial made me disagree with the whole process. I know that this is a very political process and I simply do not agree to admit it and say: “well, I bow my head, I spread ashes” – she explained on Wednesday in “Fakty po Faktach”.

When asked why, in her opinion, it was a political trial, she replied: – If only because we have a politically appointed judge who is a neo-judge, we submitted a request to remove her from the trial and it was rejected. All these situations, the incorporation of Ordo Iuris into the process, it was known from the very beginning that this process was political.

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In the light of Article 152 of the Penal Code, “anyone who assists a pregnant woman in terminating her pregnancy or persuades her to do so is subject to the penalty of imprisonment for up to 3 years”.

Wydrzynska was acquitted of the second charge – possession and marketing of prohibited substances – misoprostol tablets.

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