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The lowest national level in 2025. What increase in the minimum wage. Two amounts on the table

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In 2025, we will most likely see one increase in the minimum wage – according to preliminary calculations by Łukasz Kozłowski, chief economist of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs. The lowest national wage will increase by at least PLN 200 gross. However, it is possible that the increase will be higher.

The calculations of the minimum wage for 2025, which are quoted in the Monday edition of “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”, were based on indicators from the Multiannual State Financial Plan for 2024–2027. The government adopted this document at its meeting on April 30.

The given increase forecasts are the minimum plan required by law. The government may accept a higher increase in the national minimum.

Minimum wage in 2025. Calculations

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“DGP” provided preliminary calculations of the minimum wage for 2025 made by Łukasz Kozłowski, chief economist of the Federation of Polish Entrepreneurs (FPP). In his opinion, the most likely scenario is raising the minimum wage in 2025 up to PLN 4,510.90, and the hourly rate up to PLN 29.50. This means an increase in monthly remuneration by PLN 210.90, i.e. 5.6%.

– This will be the case as long as the lowest national income tax is indexed only by the inflation forecast for 2025, i.e. 4.1%, without adding two thirds of the projected GDP growth. For this to happen, this year's minimum wage cannot fall below 50%. average salary for the first quarter of 2024 (the latter will be known on May 13) – explains Kozłowski, quoted by “DGP”.

He adds that otherwise the minimum wage will be even higher and will be at least 4617.80 PLN, and the hourly rate – PLN 30.20.

– This would mean an increase of PLN 317.80, i.e. 8.1%. – notes the expert.

Minimum wage in 2024. How much is it?

Minimum wage is also known as the minimum wage, sometimes it is also called the lowest national rate.

Minimum wage from January 1, 2024 year is PLN 4,242 gross, and the hourly rate is PLN 27.70 gross. From July this year the minimum salary will increase to PLN 4,300 gross and the minimum hourly rate to PLN 28.10 gross.

What determines the amount of the minimum wage?

The minimum wage is guaranteed in the Minimum Wage Act. Pursuant to Art. 6 of the above Act, the remuneration of a full-time employee cannot be lower than the minimum remuneration established in a given year.

The initial proposal for the minimum wage is determined based on the price increase (inflation) forecast for the next year. If the total price index of consumer goods and services forecast for the next year is at least 105%. (i.e. if the expected inflation is at least 5 percent) – two dates for changing the amount of the minimum wage and the amount of the minimum hourly rate are set: from January 1 and from July 1.

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