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Titanic. The Search for Titan. Actor Alan Estrada talked about his submarine trip to the wreck

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Mexican actor and YouTuber Alan Estrada went on an OceanGate-organized trip to the wreck of the Titanic last summer. “We were all aware of the risks we were taking,” he told the BBC. He also talked about the problems that arose during the expedition: loss of communication with the auxiliary ship and a sudden drop in battery charge.

Estrada was initially scheduled to travel to the wreck of the Titanic in July 2021, but due to “technical problems” with the submarine, the trip was postponed by twelve months. – All members of the expedition were aware of the risks they were taking. But I never felt insecure. I was aware that if something had failed and the boat had imploded, we wouldn’t have even noticed,” Estrada told BBC Mundo, the Spanish-language edition of the British portal, published on June 20.

The actor explained that before boarding the submarine, he had to sign a document certifying that he took full responsibility for the possible consequences of the risks he took. “You read carefully about all the things that might happen, and well, you never know what will happen. But getting on a plane is also a risk. It sounds trivial, but life is a risk. In the end, it was worth seeing this majestic wreck.

Just being on board the Titan was described by Estrada as “nothing special”. – You are locked in a capsule, which for a person with claustrophobia may be unthinkable, but nothing else happens. The moment when we found ourselves in front of the wreck was impressive – said the actor.

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Titan. Breakdowns on board the boat

In another conversation conducted recently with the British tabloid “Daily Mail”, Estrada told about the most dangerous moment of the expedition. He explained that at one point the submarine he was in lost contact with the support ship for two hours. “My greatest fear, of course, was that I would lose my life,” the 42-year-old admitted, reiterating that he and the other passengers were aware of the risks involved.

The Mexican also talked about the problems during the journey to the wreck in a video he published on his YouTube channel. “Without communication with a ship on the surface, it’s easy to get lost and drift in the ocean,” he explained. He added that the expedition he was a member of was cut short by four hours when the captain realized that one of the batteries had unexpectedly dropped below 40 percent.

Fragments of the film from the expedition to the Estrada wreck were also published on Instagram. They show e.g. the moment of immersion and reaching the Titanic.

The actor also showed how the pressure works at a depth of almost 4,000 meters. During the deep-sea expedition, the styrofoam coffee cup visible in the video shrunk significantly and became asymmetrically bent.

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Titanic. The disappearance of the submarine

OceanGate’s Titan submarine set sail from St. John’s with five people on board to see the wreck of the Titanic, almost 600 km off the coast Canada at a depth of almost 3,800 meters. However, less than two hours after immersion, contact with the boat was lost and it did not surface at the scheduled time.

The media established the identities of all five passengers on board the boat. These are: Stockton Rush, founder and president of OceanGateFrench diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet, Shahzada Dawood and his 19-year-old son Sulemanmembers of one of the richest families in Pakistan, and British billionaire Hamish Harding.

On Wednesday morning, Polish time, the U.S. Coast Guard said underwater noises had been detected in the search area, later described as sounds resembling “thumps”. Rescue operations are ongoing, but so far have been unsuccessful. The services are fighting against time. Oxygen on board the boat was supposed to last until about 1 p.m. Polish time.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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