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Ukraine. Crimea. Trenches on the beaches, volunteer teams in Simferopol. The Russians are fortifying the peninsula

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The Russian army in the occupied Crimea dug about 200 kilometers of trenches on the beaches, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Operational Command South reported. He also published a recording showing ditches dug by the beaches in Eupatoria. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian staff reports that Russia is setting up so-called volunteer teams in Simferopol, for fear of activating a movement supporting Ukraine.

The information that 200 kilometers of trenches were dug on the Crimean beaches was provided in an entry on the Telegram channel by the spokesman of the Ukrainian operational command South, Vladislav Nazarov. In this way, the Russian military is preparing for the landing of Ukrainian forces, he added. He also published a recording showing ditches dug by the beaches in Eupatoria.

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Crimea trenches t.me/Nazars_look

Ukrainian staff: Russian volunteer teams are formed in Crimea

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Meanwhile, the Ukrainian staff informed that “in Simferopol in the temporarily occupied Crimea, the Russian occupation authorities, fearing the activation of the pro-Ukrainian movement and the actions of patriotic groups, are creating so-called volunteer teams.”

“As you know, because of war in Ukraine, law enforcement officers are missing. Thus, one of the tasks of these teams is to – apart from patrolling the city – detect saboteurs and people guiding the target (e.g. during artillery fire – ed.)” – reads the morning communiqué of the General Staff.

Earlier this week, the staff reported that from the village of Perevalne near Simferopol, Russian military personnel stationed there are transporting their family members to Russia.

Russia annexed Crimea in March 2014, eight years before the current invasion Ukraine. The international community considered the annexation illegal.

Main photo source: t.me/Nazars_look

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