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Ukraine. Rocket attack on Odessa, 14 people injured

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At least 14 people were injured in another Russian missile attack on Odessa. Authorities report a fire in postal warehouses. The city on the Black Sea has been systematically shelled by Russian forces in recent days.

“The enemy attacked Odessa with ballistic missiles. Massive fire appeared at the place of impact,” wrote the head of the Odessa Oblast authorities, Oleh Kiper, on the Telegram channel. 14 people were injured, he said.

Kiper said that as a result of the attack, civilian infrastructure was damaged, in particular postal warehouses. A fire broke out on their premises. The windows of nearby houses are broken.

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The State Service of Ukraine for Emergency Situations published photos and videos showing flames and clouds of black smoke in the area of ​​​​the impact.

Odessa. The site of the Russian missile impact DSNS

The courier and postal company Nowa Poszta confirmed that its sorting facility was hit. Before the attack, all employees managed to hide in shelters.

Odessa. The site of the Russian missile impact DSNS

Odessa has been attacked several times by the Russian military in recent days. On the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, three people were killed and another three were injured as a result of Russian missile fire. Russian forces used three Iskander ballistic missiles in this attack. On Monday, a Russian missile hit an educational institution, killing five people.

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PAP, Ukrainian Truth, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: DSNS

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