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USA. Florida. The horse jumped into the pool and couldn’t get out. Firefighters rushed to help

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Firefighters from Pasco County, Florida, responded to an unusual incident. Their help was needed by a horse that jumped into the pool and was unable to get out of it on its own.

The incident happened on Tuesday, June 20 in Pasco County, Florida. The horse’s owner, Cindy Buckel, said the horse jumped into the water on its own.

“It was a beautiful jump into the pool,” she said. She added that in decades of working with horses, something like this had never happened before. Buckel jumped in right after the animal, trying to calm it down and help it. She immediately called the vet while her husband called the Pasco County Fire Department for help.

Rescue operation

“Equipment for rescuing large animals” went to the site. Firefighters jumped into the pool, tied and secured the animal, then lifted it up. The entire rescue operation was recorded and the video was posted on social media.

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Fortunately, the horse, whose name is Moe, was very calm and cooperated politely with the rescuers. According to the owner of the pet, he has always been cute. “Every day when I come home, I hug him and put his head on my shoulder,” Buckel said.

In a statement later published on social media, firefighters said that despite all this adventure, the horse is safe and sound.

Main photo source: ENEX

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