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Saturday, December 9, 2023

USA. Pentagon: we plan to increase the production of artillery ammunition to 100,000. pieces per month in 2025

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In 2025, we will produce 100,000 every month. pieces of 155 mm artillery ammunition – said the undersecretary of the US Ministry of Defense responsible for armaments. Currently, the American arms industry produces 28,000. bullets every month.

– We will be at the level of 100,000 a month in 2025. We were at the level of 14,000 6-8 months ago, and now 28,000 – said Bill LaPlante, undersecretary at the Ministry of Defense USA responsible for armament.

An official at the conference of the think tank Center for the New American Security (CNAS) stated that increasing the production of the basic type of artillery ammunition is going according to plan, and in the spring of 2024 the US defense industry will produce 56,000. pieces of bullets.

Artillery in UkraineSuperwizjer TVN

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Growing demand for artillery ammunition

Ammunition availability is one of the main challenges for aid to Ukrainian troops repelling the Russian invasion, and dwindling supplies were the main reason for the transfer of US cluster munitions to Kiev.

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Meanwhile, according to Western officials quoted by the New York Times, Russia is on the way to producing 2 million rounds of its basic 152 mm caliber per year, and currently produces more of it than the USA and Europe combined.

Main photo source: Superwizjer TVN

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