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USA, Texas. Heatwaves engulfed the state. 13 people are dead

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Texas is facing a heatwave. Extreme temperatures were recorded in many places, including the town of Del Rio, where the record was broken for ten days in a row. The heat has killed at least 13 people and the heat is spreading to other states.

On Wednesday, the heat affected much of the southeastern US, including Louisiana. California also faced its first major heatwave this year. High temperatures have been in Texas for several days, and meteorologists likened it to “heat domes”inside which hot air is trapped.

Ten records in a row

The Texas heatwave led to at least 13 deaths, with 11 deaths reported in Webb County. Corinne Stern, the county’s medical examiner, said the dead were between the ages of 60 and 80, many with other medical conditions. In addition, the area has a higher poverty rate than the state average, and many households do not have air conditioners. “Cooling centers” have opened in the county where residents can escape the heat.

“It’s heat like we’ve never seen before,” Stern said. – Heatstroke deaths are considered accidents and accidents are preventable. All these deaths were avoidable. Please check on your neighbors.

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Temperature records were recorded in many cities on Tuesday. In Del Rio, near the Mexican border, thermometers showed 43 degrees Celsius – the highest value on record for June 27. Interestingly, it was the tenth day in a row that the historic heat record for a specific date was broken.

Not only in Texas

Dry, hot and windy conditions are creating dangerous wildfires in parts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah, the National Weather Service (NWS) said. The central part of the California Valley was put under a heat warning, with temperatures reaching 43 degrees Celsius in some areas.

Temperatures are forecast to exceed 38 degrees Celsius in large areas of the south-east of the country by mid-week. High humidity will increase the perceived temperature even to over 46 degrees Celsius. The heat may not ease until around Sunday, when the expected rain will come to the region.

Heatwave in TexasReuters

Heatwave in TexasReuters

Main photo source: Reuters

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