Viktor Orban and Robert Fico form a pro-Putin bloc in Europe. They both attack and criticize Ukraine


The governments of Hungary and Slovakia are against supporting Ukraine in the war with Russia. Prime Ministers Viktor Orban and Robert Fico are theoretically from different political persuasions, and there are many controversial issues between Hungary and Slovakia.

“Ukraine is not an independent and sovereign country. Since the Maidan revolution, it has been under the complete control of the United States” – these words were not spoken in the Kremlin, but on Slovak public radio. They were spoken by the Prime Minister of Slovakia. Robert Fico also presented his vision of the end of the war in Eastern Europe. – There must be some compromise that will be painful for both sides. What do they expect? That Russians will leave Crimea, Donbas and Luhansk? This is unrealistic, emphasized the Slovak Prime Minister. Fico did not explain how such a compromise would hurt the Russian aggressor. Ukrainian diplomacy reacted to his words. She reminded the Slovak Prime Minister that Ukraine is also fighting to prevent the Russians from invading his country.

Robert Fico proves at every step that he is one of the most pro-Putin leaders in the European Union. During a recent meeting of the European Council, he argued that it is not worth sending EUR 50 billion in support to Ukraine because there is corruption there. – It is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. God only knows how much of the aid sent gets lost somewhere, he emphasized.

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The government in Budapest also once again opposed support for Kiev. The head of Hungarian diplomacy, Peter Szijjarto, published a recording under the slogan “billions of Hungarian taxpayers not for Ukraine”. However, his country no longer intends to block EU military aid to Kiev. Szijjarto referred to the words of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who said during Monday’s meeting with Volodymyr Zelensky that whoever silently supports Putin is betraying Europe. According to Budapest, the head of the Polish government showed complete disrespect by accusing Hungary of treason. – Hungary is a sovereign country and has the right to its own opinion on the war in Ukraine. Whether Donald Tusk likes it or not, noted Peter Szijjarto.

Elections in Slovakia. Robert Fico and Smer-SSD triumph. Exit polls showed a different winnerAnna Czerwińska/Fakty TVN

Fico will not replace Kaczyński

Hungary, together with Slovakia, supports ending the war as soon as possible, i.e. recognizing the achievements of Putin’s troops. Viktor Orban and Robert Fico form quite an exotic tandem, considering that their countries have been in a long-term conflict over national minorities. Additionally, Orban defines himself as right-wing and Fico as left-wing. – Fico does not replace Jarosław Kaczyński one to one. (…) Jarosław Kaczyński and Viktor Orban once said that they could steal horses together. With Fico, these horses may be safer, says Professor Maciej Kisilowski from the Central European University in Vienna.

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After the change of government in Warsaw, Budapest is angry. – We have seen the events of the last few weeks in Poland and the Polish Prime Minister’s concept of democracy. We see opposition politicians being imprisoned in Poland. We see that there is no tolerance for opinions that differ from those of the government, says Peter Szijjarto. As if contrary to these words, Peter Szijjarto posted a photo with Radosław Sikorski on social media with the caption “Radek Sikorski, great comeback. Nothing beats brotherhood.”

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