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War in Ukraine. Aid packages. Bogusław Pacek and Andrzej Byrt comment

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American aid for Ukraine will be salvation. Let's hope it comes on time – said General Professor Bogusław Pacek on TVN24. Former ambassador Andrzej Byrt, in turn, spoke about the British aid package, which “is very significant.” He also stated that the entire NATO “should transform its arms industries.”

The House of Representatives passed on Saturday aid package for Ukraine worth almost USD 61 billion. The vote unlocks the months-long deadlock in the House and paves the way for resuming support for Ukraine as early as this week. The Senate's decision is expected on Tuesday or Wednesday. US President Joe Biden declared that he would sign the regulations on this matter as soon as possible.

Pacek: Ukrainians will get what is oxygen

General Professor Bogusław Pacek explained in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 that “there will be 14 billion dollars on the Ukrainian war table” and the rest “are slightly other expenses, also related to the war, but primarily it is a repayment of what has already been went to Ukraine, as well as keeping American soldiers in Europe.”

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– This almost 14 billion dollars is a lot, it is a very good decision and the joy of Ukrainians – from the president to ordinary soldiers in the trenches – is not surprising. The soldiers there are really running at their last strength and this front is very much at risk, therefore American help will be a salvation. Let's hope it comes on time, he said.

As he said, for this money “they will get, first of all, what is oxygen for Ukrainians at war right now.” – 155 millimeter shells, artillery shells for American devices, launchers, howitzers. This is the basis. But also ordinary small arms ammunition, anti-aircraft missiles, HIMARS rockets, that is, what is needed to use weapons that came from America and Europe – explained General Pacek.

Byrt: the entire NATO should transform its arms industries

Andrzej Byrt, former Polish ambassador to Germany and Russia, talked about the aid package announced on Tuesday in Warsaw by British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

– The Prime Minister of Great Britain (wanted – ed.), accompanied by the Secretary General of NATO and in a country that is adjacent to the theater of war, across the border with Ukraine, to raise the importance of this assistance. That's right, this is a very significant package – said the TVN24 guest.

– Thus, the budget of this year's British aid to Ukraine has reached over £3 billion. This is a lot, said Byrt.

As he said, “when we look at what is happening, i.e. the shelling of Ukraine by various types of Russian units and the response of the Ukrainians towards the Russians, statistically speaking it is like 1 to 10.”

– And in order to overcome Russia's shooting advantage, all of us, the entire NATO, should put our arms industries in the same mode of operation as Russia. This means – we produce in three shifts with everything we have – emphasized the ambassador.

Byrt: the entire NATO should transform its arms industriesTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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