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Warsaw. 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. Program, message, password

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– Every year we meet in places that are important for the Warsaw Uprising – said Rafał Trzaskowski at a press conference devoted to the program of celebrations of the 79th anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising. He noted that there would be dozens, if not hundreds, of such places.

– We want to pass on tradition and experience to young people. We were 13-14 years old, we were free. The war broke out and everything ended. At the age of 13, we entered the lives of adults. Bombings began, round-ups, shootings began. We matured quickly. We tried to understand what freedom is, what independence is – emphasized Jerzy Mindziukiewcz, vice-president of the Association of Warsaw Insurgents.

As he added, the task of the union is to instill in young people the conviction that there is nothing more important in human life than freedom and independence. – If it is not there, then there is no real life – said the veteran.

The Warsaw Uprising in our DNA

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– Every year we meet in places that are important for the Warsaw Uprising. In places of remembrance, at the Powązki Cemetery and at the Warsaw Insurgents Cemetery in Wola. We will meet in dozens, if not hundreds, of places that are important for the uprising – said Rafał Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw. He also assured that, as every year, the insurgents will be honored at the city council session.

He noted that the memory of the uprising is passed down from generation to generation. – It is extremely important to us and will always be important to us. It will be in the DNA of every Varsovian and every Varsovian, stressed the mayor of the capital.

He also appealed to commemorate August 1, at 17.00. – We call on you to honor the anniversary of this heroic uprising honestly and in a dignified manner on this day and at this hour. This is a very special moment for us, when the whole of Warsaw freezes at 5 p.m. – appealed Trzaskowski.

“Love is always there” – the slogan of the celebration

The mayor of the capital also referred to the slogan of this year’s celebrations: “Love always exists”. He noted the short film directed by Tadeusz Śliwa to Wojtek Sokół’s song “Love always is”. It was inspired by an insurgent wedding documented by Eugeniusz Lokajski. – The music video reminds us that feelings and emotions played an extremely important role during the Warsaw Uprising. The feeling of friendship and solidarity is something that our insurgents always remember. I am glad that this photo has received such a setting – said Rafał Trzaskowski.

Jan Ołdakowski, director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum, also talked about the film. He emphasized that it is important to talk about feelings: about love, about respect, about friendship with young people, because “in these feelings there is also hope that the future will be good or better.” He also reminded album “My heart in Warsaw”.

Program of the celebrations of the 79th anniversary of its founding

Jan Ołdakowski summarized the program of celebrations of the 79th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising. He announced a six-day scout rally, in which 700 scouts and scouts will take part. Meetings, outdoor games and a tour of Warsaw are planned.

On July 30 at 11 am, Warsaw insurgents will meet with presidents Andrzej Duda and Rafał Trzaskowski in the Wolności Park next to the museum. The meeting will also be attended by families, volunteers and scouts.

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On August 1, after the “W” hour, commemorative stamps – small anchors of Fighting Poland will be distributed in most memorial sites. – The aim of the campaign is to remind people of these places – explained director Ołdakowski. In turn, in the evening, at Piłsudski Square, there will be a joint singing of insurgent songs with the participation of an orchestra and a choir under the direction of Jan Stokłosa “Varsovians sing (not) forbidden songs”. The Warsaw Uprising Museum will also host the performance “Silence” directed by Michał Zadar.

On August 2, the Warsaw Uprising Museum will host the opening of the exhibition “Journey of Heroines. Women’s Uprising”, which shows the uprising through their eyes.

In turn, on August 5, the “March of Remembrance” will take place, which is a tribute to the civilians who died in August 1944. It will start from the square at the fork of Leszno Street and “Solidarity” Avenue. According to Ołdakowski, the march will hear the names and surnames of civilians who died during the Warsaw Uprising. – The march is a form of paying tribute to their memory – summed up the director.


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